Pulley Kit, timing belt

Pulley Kit, timing belt
Pulley Kit, timing belt
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Article Information
Pulley Set, timing belt
INA part No.
530 0449 09
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Other Manufacturer References
Pulley Kit, timing belt
CITROËN C4 I (LC_)2.0 HDi, 136HPDiesel1997ccHatchback11/2004-07/2011
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FORD MONDEO IV (BA7)2.0 TDCi, 115HPDiesel1997ccHatchback11/2007-01/2015
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FORD S-MAX (WA6)2.0 TDCi, 115HPDiesel1997ccMPV11/2007-12/2014
FORD S-MAX (WA6)2.0 TDCi, 130HPDiesel1997ccMPV05/2006-12/2014
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FORD S-MAX (WA6)2.0 TDCi, 140HPDiesel1997ccMPV05/2006-12/2014
PEUGEOT 307 (3A/C)2.0 HDi 135, 136HPDiesel1997ccHatchback10/2003-11/2007
PEUGEOT 307 Estate (3E)2.0 HDi 135, 136HPDiesel1997ccEstate02/2004-04/2008
PEUGEOT 307 SW (3H)2.0 HDi 135, 136HPDiesel1997ccEstate02/2004-04/2008
PEUGEOT 307 CC (3B)2.0 HDi 135, 136HPDiesel1997ccConvertible06/2005-04/2009
PEUGEOT 308 I (4A_, 4C_)2.0 HDi, 136HPDiesel1997ccHatchback09/2007-10/2014
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PEUGEOT 407 (6D_)2.0 HDi 135, 136HPDiesel1997ccSaloon05/2004-10/2010
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PEUGEOT 508 I (8D_)2.0 HDi, 140HPDiesel1997ccSaloon11/2010-12/2018
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PEUGEOT 607 (9D, 9U)2.0 HDI, 136HPDiesel1997ccSaloon09/2005-07/2011
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PEUGEOT EXPERT TEPEE (VF3X_)2.0 HDi 120, 120HPDiesel1997ccBus01/2007-03/2016
PEUGEOT EXPERT TEPEE (VF3X_)2.0 HDi 120 4x4, 120HPDiesel1997ccBus01/2007-
PEUGEOT EXPERT TEPEE (VF3X_)2.0 HDi 140, 136HPDiesel1997ccBus01/2007-
PEUGEOT EXPERT Van (VF3A_, VF3U_, VF3X_)2.0 HDi 120, 120HPDiesel1997ccVan01/2007-
PEUGEOT EXPERT Van (VF3A_, VF3U_, VF3X_)2.0 HDi 140, 136HPDiesel1997ccVan01/2007-
PEUGEOT EXPERT Platform/Chassis2.0 HDi 120, 120HPDiesel1997ccPlatform/Chassis01/2007-
PEUGEOT EXPERT Platform/Chassis2.0 HDi 140, 136HPDiesel1997ccPlatform/Chassis01/2007-
VOLVO C30 (533)2.0 D, 136HPDiesel1998ccHatchback10/2006-12/2012
VOLVO C70 II Convertible (542)2.0 D, 136HPDiesel1998ccConvertible01/2008-10/2009
VOLVO S40 II (544)2.0 CDI, 133HPDiesel1998ccSaloon07/2005-12/2006
VOLVO S40 II (544)2.0 D, 136HPDiesel1998ccSaloon01/2004-12/2010
VOLVO S80 II (124)2.0 TDi, 136HPDiesel1998ccSaloon02/2008-03/2011
VOLVO V50 (545)2.0 CDI, 133HPDiesel1998ccEstate12/2003-12/2006
VOLVO V50 (545)2.0 D, 136HPDiesel1998ccEstate04/2004-12/2010
VOLVO V70 III (135)2.0 D, 136HPDiesel1998ccEstate10/2007-12/2015

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