Air Filter

Air Filter
Air Filter Air Filter Air Filter
Air Filter
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Filter Insert
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Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Weight [kg]
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Other Manufacturer References
1 952 998
08 35 616
8 35 616
83 40 250
FORD B-MAX (JK)1.4, 90HPPetrol1388ccMPV10/2012-
FORD B-MAX (JK)1.4 LPG, 90HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1388ccMPV08/2013-
FORD B-MAX (JK)1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccMPV10/2012-
FORD C-MAX (DM2)1.6, 100HPPetrol1596ccMPV02/2007-09/2010
FORD C-MAX (DM2)1.6, 116HPPetrol1596ccMPV04/2007-09/2010
FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti, 85HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD C-MAX II Van1.6 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1596ccBox Body/MPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD GRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD GRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD GRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD GRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.6 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1596ccMPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD GRAND C-MAX Van1.6 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1596ccBox Body/MPV12/2010-06/2019
FORD ECOSPORT1.5 Ti-VCT, 110HPPetrol1498ccSUV10/2013-
FORD ECOSPORT1.5 Ti, 112HPPetrol1499ccSUV10/2013-
FORD FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_)1.25 i 16V, 75HPPetrol1242ccHatchback08/1995-01/2002
FORD FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_)1.3 i, 50HPPetrol1299ccHatchback08/1995-01/2002
FORD FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_)1.3 i, 60HPPetrol1299ccHatchback08/1995-01/2002
FORD FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_)1.4 i 16V, 90HPPetrol1388ccHatchback04/1996-01/2002
FORD FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_)1.6 16V Sport, 103HPPetrol1596ccHatchback02/2000-01/2002
FORD FIESTA V (JH_, JD_)1.25 16V, 70HPPetrol1242ccHatchback03/2003-06/2008
FORD FIESTA V (JH_, JD_)1.25 16V, 75HPPetrol1242ccHatchback05/2002-06/2008
FORD FIESTA V (JH_, JD_)1.4 16V, 80HPPetrol1388ccHatchback11/2001-06/2008
FORD FIESTA V (JH_, JD_)1.6 16V, 100HPPetrol1596ccHatchback11/2001-06/2008
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.25, 60HPPetrol1242ccHatchback06/2008-04/2017
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.25, 82HPPetrol1242ccHatchback06/2008-04/2017
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.4, 97HPPetrol1388ccHatchback10/2008-09/2012
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.4 LPG, 97HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1388ccHatchback01/2009-04/2017
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccHatchback09/2012-
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccHatchback06/2008-09/2012
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.6 Ti, 134HPPetrol1596ccHatchback12/2010-
FORD FIESTA VI (CB1, CCN)1.6 ST, 182HPPetrol1596ccHatchback03/2013-04/2017
FORD FIESTA VI Van1.25, 82HPPetrol1242ccHatchback Van01/2009-
FORD FIESTA VI Van1.4, 97HPPetrol1388ccHatchback Van10/2008-12/2012
FORD FIESTA VI Van1.6 Ti-VCT, 120HPPetrol1596ccHatchback Van10/2008-12/2012
FORD FIESTA VI Van1.6 ST, 182HPPetrol1596ccHatchback Van03/2013-
FORD COURIER Box Body/MPV (J5_, J3_)1.3, 60HPPetrol1299ccBox Body/MPV02/1996-08/2003
FORD COURIER Box Body/MPV (J5_, J3_)1.4 i, 90HPPetrol1388ccBox Body/MPV04/1996-10/1999
FORD FIESTA Saloon1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccSaloon04/2010-
FORD FOCUS I (DAW, DBW)1.4 16V, 75HPPetrol1388ccHatchback10/1998-11/2004
FORD FOCUS I (DAW, DBW)1.6 16V, 100HPPetrol1596ccHatchback10/1998-11/2004
FORD FOCUS I Saloon (DFW)1.4 16V, 75HPPetrol1388ccSaloon02/1999-11/2004
FORD FOCUS I Saloon (DFW)1.6 16V, 100HPPetrol1596ccSaloon02/1999-11/2004
FORD FOCUS I Turnier (DNW)1.4 16V, 75HPPetrol1388ccEstate02/1999-11/2004
FORD FOCUS I Turnier (DNW)1.6 16V, 100HPPetrol1596ccEstate02/1999-11/2004
FORD FOCUS I Estate Van (DNW)1.6, 101HPPetrol1596ccEstate Van04/1999-03/2005
FORD FOCUS II (DA_, HCP, DP)1.4, 80HPPetrol1388ccHatchback07/2004-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II (DA_, HCP, DP)1.6, 100HPPetrol1596ccHatchback07/2004-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II (DA_, HCP, DP)1.6 Ti, 115HPPetrol1596ccHatchback07/2004-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II (DA_, HCP, DP)1.6 LPG, 115HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1596ccHatchback10/2009-07/2011
FORD FOCUS II Saloon (DB_, FCH, DH)1.4, 80HPPetrol1388ccSaloon04/2005-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II Saloon (DB_, FCH, DH)1.6, 100HPPetrol1596ccSaloon04/2005-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II Saloon (DB_, FCH, DH)1.6 Ti, 115HPPetrol1596ccSaloon04/2005-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_, FFS, DS)1.4, 80HPPetrol1388ccEstate07/2004-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_, FFS, DS)1.6, 100HPPetrol1596ccEstate07/2004-07/2011
FORD FOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_, FFS, DS)1.6 Ti, 115HPPetrol1596ccEstate07/2004-09/2012
FORD FOCUS II Estate Van1.6, 101HPPetrol1596ccEstate Van09/2005-07/2011
FORD FOCUS II Estate Van1.6 Ti-VCT, 116HPPetrol1596ccEstate Van09/2005-07/2011
FORD FOCUS II Convertible1.6, 100HPPetrol1596ccConvertible10/2006-09/2010
FORD FOCUS III1.5 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1498ccHatchback09/2014-12/2017
FORD FOCUS III1.5 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1498ccHatchback09/2014-12/2017
FORD FOCUS III1.6 Ti, 85HPPetrol1596ccHatchback08/2011-12/2017
FORD FOCUS III1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccHatchback07/2010-05/2018
FORD FOCUS III1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccHatchback02/2012-12/2017
FORD FOCUS III1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccHatchback07/2010-12/2017
FORD FOCUS III1.6 Flexifuel, 150HPPetrol/Ethanol1596ccHatchback07/2013-
FORD FOCUS III Hatchback Van1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccHatchback Van01/2011-
FORD FOCUS III Saloon1.5 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1498ccSaloon11/2014-
FORD FOCUS III Saloon1.5 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1498ccSaloon11/2014-
FORD FOCUS III Saloon1.6 Ti, 85HPPetrol1596ccSaloon08/2011-
FORD FOCUS III Saloon1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccSaloon07/2010-
FORD FOCUS III Saloon1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccSaloon07/2010-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.5 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1498ccEstate09/2014-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.5 EcoBoost, 182HPPetrol1498ccEstate09/2014-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti, 85HPPetrol1596ccEstate08/2011-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti, 105HPPetrol1596ccEstate07/2010-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccEstate07/2010-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccEstate02/2012-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.6 LPG, 117HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1596ccEstate02/2012-
FORD FOCUS III Turnier1.6 LPG, 120HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1596ccEstate02/2012-
FORD FUSION (JU_)1.25, 75HPPetrol1242ccEstate08/2004-12/2012
FORD FUSION (JU_)1.4, 80HPPetrol1388ccEstate08/2002-12/2012
FORD FUSION (JU_)1.4 LPG, 80HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1388ccEstate01/2010-12/2012
FORD FUSION (JU_)1.6, 100HPPetrol1596ccEstate08/2002-11/2009
FORD GALAXY II (WA6)1.6 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1596ccMPV11/2010-06/2015
FORD GALAXY III (CK)1.5 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1499ccMPV01/2015-06/2018
FORD GALAXY MK II VAN (WA6)EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1596ccBox Body/MPV02/2011-06/2015
FORD KA (RB_)1.3 i, 49HPPetrol1299ccHatchback06/1998-11/2008
FORD KA Van (RB)1.3 i, 60HPPetrol1299ccHatchback Van05/2002-05/2005
FORD KA+ III (UK, FK)1.2 Ti-VCT, 85HPPetrol1196ccHatchback06/2016-
FORD KA+ III (UK, FK)1.2, 70HPPetrol1198ccHatchback06/2016-
FORD KA+ III Saloon (TK, FK)1.2 (TK), 85HPPetrol1196ccSaloon06/2016-
FORD KUGA II (DM2)1.5 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1499ccSUV09/2014-06/2019
FORD KUGA II (DM2)1.5 EcoBoost 4x4, 182HPPetrol1499ccSUV09/2014-06/2018
FORD KUGA II (DM2)1.6 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1596ccSUV03/2013-09/2014
FORD KUGA II (DM2)1.6 EcoBoost 4x4, 150HPPetrol1596ccSUV03/2013-09/2014
FORD KUGA II (DM2)1.6 EcoBoost 4x4, 179HPPetrol1596ccSUV10/2012-04/2015
FORD KUGA II (DM2)1.6 EcoBoost 4x4, 182HPPetrol1596ccSUV03/2013-09/2014
FORD MAVERICK (UDS, UNS)2.4 i (UDS), 116HPPetrol2389ccSUV09/1996-04/1998
FORD MAVERICK (UDS, UNS)2.4 i, 118HPPetrol2389ccSUV09/1996-04/1998
FORD MAVERICK (UDS, UNS)2.4 i, 124HPPetrol2389ccSUV02/1993-08/1996
FORD MONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 Ti, 110HPPetrol1596ccHatchback03/2007-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccHatchback07/2010-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccHatchback03/2007-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV (BA7)1.6 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1596ccHatchback02/2011-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)1.6 Ti, 110HPPetrol1596ccSaloon03/2007-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccSaloon03/2010-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccSaloon03/2007-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)1.6 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1596ccSaloon11/2010-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 Ti, 110HPPetrol1596ccEstate03/2007-12/2012
FORD MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 Ti, 120HPPetrol1596ccEstate07/2010-01/2015
FORD MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 Ti, 125HPPetrol1596ccEstate03/2007-12/2010
FORD MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)1.6 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1596ccEstate02/2011-01/2015
FORD PUMA (EC_)1.4 16V, 90HPPetrol1388ccCoupe11/1997-10/2000
FORD S-MAX (WA6)1.6 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1596ccMPV02/2011-12/2014
FORD S-MAX (CJ, WA6)1.5 EcoBoost, 160HPPetrol1499ccMPV01/2015-06/2018
FORD TRANSIT CONNECT V408 Box Body/MPV1.6 EcoBoost, 150HPPetrol1596ccBox Body/MPV11/2013-
INFINITI FX35 All-wheel Drive, 280HPPetrol3498ccSUV01/2003-12/2008
ISUZU GEMINI (JT)1.5 TD, 67HPDiesel1488ccHatchback02/1988-12/1990
ISUZU GEMINI Saloon (JT)1.5 D, 50HPDiesel1488ccSaloon02/1988-12/1989
ISUZU GEMINI Saloon (JT)1.5 TD, 67HPDiesel1488ccSaloon02/1988-12/1989
NISSAN 100NX (B13)2.0 GTI, 143HPPetrol1998ccCoupe03/1991-10/1994
NISSAN 200SX (S13)1.8, 135HPPetrol1809ccCoupe09/1988-03/1994
NISSAN 200SX (S13)1.8 Turbo, 169HPPetrol1809ccCoupe07/1988-11/1993
NISSAN 200SX (S13)1.8 Turbo, 166HPPetrol1809ccCoupe01/1992-09/1994
NISSAN SILVIA Coupe (S14)2.0 i 16V, 160HPPetrol1998ccCoupe10/1993-12/1999
NISSAN SILVIA Coupe (S14)2.0 i 16V Turbo, 200HPPetrol1998ccCoupe10/1993-12/1999
NISSAN SILVIA Coupe (S14)2.0 Turbo, 220HPPetrol1998ccCoupe04/1994-09/1999
NISSAN 300ZX (Z31)3.0, 170HPPetrol2960ccTarga01/1984-12/1987
NISSAN 300ZX (Z31)3.0 Turbo, 228HPPetrol2960ccTarga04/1984-10/1990
NISSAN 350Z Coupe (Z33)3.5, 280HPPetrol3498ccCoupe10/2003-12/2006
NISSAN 350Z Coupe (Z33)3.5, 291HPPetrol3498ccCoupe11/2004-01/2007
NISSAN 350Z Coupe (Z33)3.5, 301HPPetrol3498ccCoupe09/2002-12/2008
NISSAN 350Z Coupe (Z33)3.5, 313HPPetrol3498ccCoupe09/2005-12/2008
NISSAN 350Z Roadster (Z33)3.5, 280HPPetrol3498ccConvertible03/2005-12/2007
NISSAN 350Z Roadster (Z33)3.5, 301HPPetrol3498ccConvertible11/2004-01/2007
NISSAN 350Z Roadster (Z33)3.5, 313HPPetrol3498ccConvertible09/2005-12/2009
NISSAN ALMERA   Hatchback (N15)2.0 GTi, 143HPPetrol1998ccHatchback07/1996-03/2000
NISSAN ALMERA   Hatchback (N15)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccHatchback11/1995-03/2000
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccSaloon11/1995-07/2000
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.5, 98HPPetrol1497ccHatchback10/2002-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.5, 90HPPetrol1498ccHatchback03/2000-11/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.8, 114HPPetrol1769ccHatchback01/2000-11/2002
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.8, 116HPPetrol1769ccHatchback10/2002-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)2.2 Di, 110HPDiesel2184ccHatchback03/2000-04/2003
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)2.2 dCi, 112HPDiesel2184ccHatchback09/2003-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)2.2 dCi, 136HPDiesel2184ccHatchback09/2003-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.5, 98HPPetrol1497ccSaloon10/2002-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.5, 90HPPetrol1498ccSaloon07/2000-11/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.8, 114HPPetrol1769ccSaloon07/2000-11/2002
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)1.8, 116HPPetrol1769ccSaloon10/2002-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)2.2 Di, 110HPDiesel2184ccSaloon07/2000-04/2003
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)2.2 dCi, 112HPDiesel2184ccSaloon09/2002-05/2007
NISSAN ALMERA Mk II (N16)2.2 dCi, 136HPDiesel2184ccSaloon09/2003-09/2006
NISSAN ALMERA TINO (V10)1.8, 114HPPetrol1769ccMPV08/2000-02/2006
NISSAN ALMERA TINO (V10)1.8, 116HPPetrol1769ccMPV12/2002-02/2006
NISSAN ALMERA TINO (V10)2.0, 136HPPetrol1998ccMPV08/2000-01/2003
NISSAN ALMERA TINO (V10)2.2 dCi, 112HPDiesel2184ccMPV09/2003-02/2006
NISSAN ALMERA TINO (V10)2.2 dCi, 115HPDiesel2184ccMPV08/2000-02/2006
NISSAN ALMERA TINO (V10)2.2 dCi, 136HPDiesel2184ccMPV09/2003-02/2006
NISSAN ALTIMA (L32)3.5, 273HPPetrol3498ccSaloon10/2006-07/2013
NISSAN AVENIR (W11)1.8, 125HPPetrol1769ccEstate11/1997-12/2005
NISSAN AVENIR (W11)2.0, 145HPPetrol1998ccEstate11/1997-08/2001
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (U11)1.8, 90HPPetrol1809ccSaloon11/1983-06/1988
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (U11)1.8 Turbo, 135HPPetrol1809ccSaloon04/1984-05/1990
NISSAN BLUEBIRD Station Wagon (WU11)2.0 D, 58HPDiesel1952ccEstate04/1984-01/1988
NISSAN BLUEBIRD Station Wagon (WU11)2.0 D, 67HPDiesel1952ccEstate03/1986-12/1990
NISSAN BLUEBIRD Hatchback (T72, T12)1.8 Turbo, 135HPPetrol1809ccHatchback12/1985-11/1992
NISSAN BLUEBIRD Hatchback (T72, T12)2.0 D (FSLT72, T12), 67HPDiesel1952ccHatchback03/1986-12/1990
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (T72 , T12, U12)1.8, 83HPPetrol1809ccSaloon05/1986-09/1990
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (T72 , T12, U12)1.8 Turbo, 135HPPetrol1809ccSaloon12/1985-05/1990
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (T72 , T12, U12)1.8, 90HPPetrol1809ccSaloon11/1986-04/1990
NISSAN BLUEBIRD (T72 , T12, U12)2.0 D (SLT72, T12), 67HPDiesel1952ccSaloon03/1986-12/1990
NISSAN CEFIRO II Saloon (A32)2.0, 140HPPetrol1995ccSaloon10/1994-12/1999
NISSAN CEFIRO II Saloon (A32)3.0, 193HPPetrol2988ccSaloon10/1994-12/1999
NISSAN ELGRAND (E50)3.3 (ALE50, _E5_), 170HPPetrol3275ccMPV04/1996-04/2002
NISSAN ELGRAND (E51)2.5 (_E5_), 186HPPetrol2495ccMPV12/2004-12/2010
NISSAN ELGRAND (E51)2.5 AWD (_E5_), 186HPPetrol2495ccMPV12/2004-12/2010
NISSAN ELGRAND (E51)3.5 (_E5_), 241HPPetrol3498ccMPV05/2002-12/2010
NISSAN ELGRAND (E51)3.5 AWD (_E5_), 241HPPetrol3498ccMPV05/2002-12/2010
NISSAN LAUREL (JC31)2.4, 113HPPetrol2393ccSaloon01/1981-01/1984
NISSAN LAUREL (JC32)2.4, 128HPPetrol2393ccSaloon01/1985-12/1987
NISSAN MAXIMA III (J30)3.0 i, 170HPPetrol2960ccSaloon10/1988-06/1994
NISSAN QX IV (A32)2.0, 140HPPetrol1995ccSaloon02/1995-08/2000
NISSAN QX IV (A32)3.0, 193HPPetrol2988ccSaloon01/1995-08/2000
NISSAN MAXIMA / MAXIMA QX V (A33)2.0 V6 24V, 140HPPetrol1995ccSaloon03/2000-11/2003
NISSAN MAXIMA / MAXIMA QX V (A33)3.0 V6 24V, 200HPPetrol2988ccSaloon03/2000-11/2003
NISSAN MURANO I (Z50)3.5 4x4, 231HPPetrol3498ccSUV01/2006-09/2008
NISSAN MURANO I (Z50)3.5 4x4, 234HPPetrol3498ccSUV08/2003-09/2008
NISSAN MURANO I (Z50)3.5 4x4, 245HPPetrol3498ccSUV11/2004-06/2008
NISSAN MURANO II (Z51)3.5 4x4, 249HPPetrol3498ccSUV12/2010-09/2014
NISSAN MURANO II (Z51)3.5 4x4, 256HPPetrol3498ccSUV10/2008-09/2014
NISSAN MURANO II (Z51)3.5 4x4, 260HPPetrol3498ccSUV12/2009-09/2014
NISSAN MURANO II (Z51)3.5, 265HPPetrol3498ccSUV11/2007-09/2014
NISSAN MURANO II (Z51)3.5 4x4, 265HPPetrol3498ccSUV11/2007-09/2014
NISSAN TERRANO II (R50)3.3 V6 4WD, 170HPPetrol3275ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle09/1997-12/2004
NISSAN TERRANO II (R50)3.5 V6 4WD, 220HPPetrol3498ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle11/2000-12/2004
NISSAN PATHFINDER IV (R52)3.5 4WD, 264HPPetrol3498ccSUV09/2012-
NISSAN PATROL GR   (Y60, GR)4.2 Cat, 165HPPetrol4169ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle11/1988-02/1998
NISSAN PATROL GR   (Y60, GR)4.2 D (Y60GR), 116HPDiesel4169ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle11/1988-06/1997
NISSAN PATROL GR   (Y60, GR)4.2 D 4x4, 125HPDiesel4169ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle07/1992-05/1994
NISSAN PICK UP (D21)2.4 4WD, 101HPPetrol2389ccPickup03/1986-04/1992
NISSAN PICK UP (D21)2.4, 107HPPetrol2389ccPickup01/1992-12/1996
NISSAN PICK UP (D21)2.4 4x4, 103HPPetrol2389ccPickup09/1985-05/1994
NISSAN PICK UP (D21)2.4 i 12V, 124HPPetrol2389ccPickup04/1992-02/1998
NISSAN PICK UP (D21)2.4 i 12V 4WD, 126HPPetrol2389ccPickup04/1992-02/1998
NISSAN PICK UP (D22)2.4 i, 120HPPetrol2389ccPickup02/1998-04/2005
NISSAN PICK UP (D22)2.4 i 4WD, 120HPPetrol2389ccPickup02/1998-04/2005
NISSAN PICK UP (D22)2.4 i 4WD, 133HPPetrol2389ccPickup03/2002-04/2005
NISSAN PRAIRIE PRO (M11)2.0 i, 98HPPetrol1974ccMPV10/1988-04/1992
NISSAN PRAIRIE PRO (M11)2.0 i 4x4, 98HPPetrol1974ccMPV10/1988-12/1992
NISSAN PRAIRIE PRO (M11)2.0, 105HPPetrol1974ccMPV09/1990-03/1992
NISSAN PRAIRIE PRO (M11)2.0 4x4, 105HPPetrol1974ccMPV09/1990-03/1992
NISSAN PRAIRIE PRO (M11)2.4 i, 133HPPetrol2389ccMPV01/1990-07/1994
NISSAN PRAIRIE PRO (M11)2.4 i 4x4, 133HPPetrol2389ccMPV04/1992-07/1994
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P10)2.0 16V, 116HPPetrol1998ccHatchback06/1990-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P10)2.0 16V 4x4, 116HPPetrol1998ccHatchback04/1991-06/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P10)2.0 i, 125HPPetrol1998ccHatchback01/1995-06/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P10)2.0, 150HPPetrol1998ccHatchback06/1990-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P10)2.0, 152HPPetrol1998ccHatchback09/1990-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P10)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccHatchback01/1991-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA (P10)2.0 16V, 116HPPetrol1998ccSaloon06/1990-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA (P10)2.0 16V 4x4, 116HPPetrol1998ccSaloon04/1991-06/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA (P10)2.0 i, 125HPPetrol1998ccSaloon01/1995-06/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA (P10)2.0, 131HPPetrol1998ccSaloon06/1990-05/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA (P10)2.0 GT, 150HPPetrol1998ccSaloon06/1990-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA (P10)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccSaloon01/1991-01/1996
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (W10)2.0, 150HPPetrol1998ccEstate07/1994-01/1998
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (W10)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccEstate07/1990-12/1995
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)1.6 16V, 106HPPetrol1597ccHatchback09/2000-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)1.8 16V, 114HPPetrol1769ccHatchback08/1999-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)1.8 16V LPG, 114HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1769ccHatchback08/1999-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)2.0 16V, 115HPPetrol1998ccHatchback09/1996-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)2.0 16V, 131HPPetrol1998ccHatchback09/1996-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)2.0 16V, 140HPPetrol1998ccHatchback08/1999-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)2.0 16V LPG, 131HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1998ccHatchback09/1996-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)2.0 16V, 150HPPetrol1998ccHatchback09/1996-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)2.0 TD, 90HPDiesel1974ccHatchback09/1996-07/2002
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)1.6 16V, 106HPPetrol1597ccSaloon06/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)1.8 16V, 114HPPetrol1769ccSaloon08/1999-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)2.0 16V, 115HPPetrol1998ccSaloon09/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)2.0 16V, 131HPPetrol1998ccSaloon09/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)2.0 16V, 140HPPetrol1998ccSaloon08/1999-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)2.0 16V, 143HPPetrol1998ccSaloon06/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)2.0 16V, 150HPPetrol1998ccSaloon09/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA (P11)2.0 TD, 90HPDiesel1974ccSaloon09/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (WP11)1.8 16V, 114HPPetrol1769ccEstate08/1999-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (WP11)1.8 16V LPG, 114HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1769ccEstate08/1999-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (WP11)2.0 16V, 115HPPetrol1998ccEstate06/1996-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (WP11)2.0 16V, 131HPPetrol1998ccEstate04/1998-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (WP11)2.0 16V, 140HPPetrol1998ccEstate08/1999-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Traveller (WP11)2.0 TD, 90HPDiesel1974ccEstate04/1998-12/2001
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P12)1.6, 106HPPetrol1597ccHatchback07/2002-08/2008
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P12)1.6, 109HPPetrol1597ccHatchback07/2002-04/2006
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P12)1.8, 115HPPetrol1769ccHatchback07/2002-10/2008
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P12)2.0, 140HPPetrol1998ccHatchback07/2002-10/2008
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P12)2.2 Di, 126HPDiesel2184ccHatchback07/2002-05/2007
NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P12)2.2 dCi, 139HPDiesel2184ccHatchback04/2003-
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)1.6, 106HPPetrol1597ccSaloon03/2002-08/2008
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)1.6, 109HPPetrol1597ccSaloon01/2002-04/2006
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)1.8, 115HPPetrol1769ccSaloon03/2002-10/2008
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)1.8 LPG, 115HPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1769ccSaloon03/2002-
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)2.0, 140HPPetrol1998ccSaloon03/2002-10/2008
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)2.2 Di, 126HPDiesel2184ccSaloon03/2002-05/2007
NISSAN PRIMERA (P12)2.2 dCi, 139HPDiesel2184ccSaloon04/2003-04/2006
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate (WP12)1.6 Visia, 109HPPetrol1597ccEstate01/2002-04/2006
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate (WP12)1.8, 115HPPetrol1769ccEstate03/2002-05/2007
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate (WP12)2.0, 140HPPetrol1998ccEstate03/2002-
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate (WP12)2.2 Di, 126HPDiesel2184ccEstate03/2002-04/2003
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate (WP12)2.2 dCi, 139HPDiesel2184ccEstate04/2003-
NISSAN LARGO (C23)1.6, 97HPPetrol1597ccMPV02/1993-09/2001
NISSAN LARGO (C23)2.0, 126HPPetrol1998ccMPV11/1992-09/2001
NISSAN LARGO (C23)2.0 D, 67HPDiesel1952ccMPV06/1991-09/2001
NISSAN LARGO (C23)2.3 D, 75HPDiesel2283ccMPV01/1995-09/2001
NISSAN SERENA VAN (C23)1.6, 97HPPetrol1597ccBox Body/MPV02/1993-06/2001
NISSAN SERENA VAN (C23)2.3, 75HPDiesel2283ccBox Body/MPV10/1994-09/2001
NISSAN SERENA (C24)2.0 SGX, 145HPPetrol1998ccMPV06/1999-05/2005
NISSAN SERENA (C24)2.0 SGX 4x4, 145HPPetrol1998ccMPV09/2000-09/2005
NISSAN SILVIA (S110)1.8, 92HPPetrol1770ccCoupe01/1979-05/1983
NISSAN SILVIA (S15)2000 Turbo, 250HPPetrol1998ccCoupe11/2000-12/2003
NISSAN SKYLINE (R32)2.0 Turbo, 215HPPetrol1998ccSaloon03/1989-06/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE (R32)2.0 Turbo 4x4, 215HPPetrol1998ccSaloon03/1989-06/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R32)2.0 Turbo, 215HPPetrol1998ccCoupe03/1989-06/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R32)2.0 Turbo 4x4, 215HPPetrol1998ccCoupe03/1989-06/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R32)2.0, 218HPPetrol1998ccCoupe01/1990-01/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R32)2.0 AWD, 218HPPetrol1998ccCoupe01/1990-01/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R32)2.6 Twin Turbo 4x4, 280HPPetrol2569ccCoupe04/1989-06/1993
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R33)2.0, 131HPPetrol1998ccCoupe07/1993-05/1998
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R33)2.5, 190HPPetrol2498ccCoupe07/1993-05/1998
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R33)2.5 4x4, 190HPPetrol2498ccCoupe07/1993-05/1998
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R33)2.5, 250HPPetrol2498ccCoupe01/1994-07/2000
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R33)2.6 Twin Turbo 4x4, 280HPPetrol2569ccCoupe07/1994-09/1999
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R34)2.5 Turbo, 280HPPetrol2498ccCoupe05/1998-01/2006
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R34)2.6 Turbo 4x4, 280HPPetrol2569ccCoupe10/1999-08/2002
NISSAN SKYLINE Coupe (R34)2.6 Turbo 4x4, 333HPPetrol2569ccCoupe01/1999-02/2008
NISSAN STAGEA (WC34)2.5 Turbo AWD, 235HPPetrol2498ccEstate09/1996-10/2001
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II Hatchback (N13)1.6 GTI 16V, 110HPPetrol1598ccHatchback06/1987-05/1989
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II Hatchback (N13)1.8 GTI 16V, 125HPPetrol1809ccHatchback01/1989-06/1991
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II Hatchback (N13)1.7 D, 54HPDiesel1681ccHatchback06/1986-01/1991
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II (N13, B12)1.6 GTI 16V, 110HPPetrol1598ccSaloon02/1987-10/1988
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II (N13, B12)1.7 D, 54HPDiesel1681ccSaloon06/1986-05/1989
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II Traveller (B12)1.7 D, 54HPDiesel1681ccEstate01/1986-06/1991
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II Coupe (B12)1.6 GTI 16V, 110HPPetrol1598ccCoupe05/1987-05/1989
NISSAN SUNNY Mk II Coupe (B12)1.8 GTI 16V, 125HPPetrol1809ccCoupe01/1989-06/1991
NISSAN SUNNY III Liftback (N14)2.0 i 16V, 143HPPetrol1998ccHatchback10/1990-05/1995
NISSAN SUNNY III Liftback (N14)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccHatchback10/1990-05/1995
NISSAN SUNNY Mk III Hatchback (N14)2.0 GTI 16V, 143HPPetrol1998ccHatchback10/1990-05/1995
NISSAN SUNNY Mk III Hatchback (N14)2.0 GTI-R 4x4, 220HPPetrol1998ccHatchback10/1990-05/1995
NISSAN SUNNY Mk III Hatchback (N14)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccHatchback10/1990-05/1995
NISSAN SUNNY III (N14)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccSaloon10/1990-05/1995
NISSAN SUNNY Mk III Traveller (Y10)2.0 D, 75HPDiesel1974ccEstate06/1991-03/2000
NISSAN SUNNY III Estate Van (Y10)1.7 D, 54HPDiesel1681ccEstate Van11/1990-03/2000
NISSAN TEANA I (J31)2.3, 173HPPetrol2349ccSaloon10/2003-06/2008
NISSAN TERRANO   (WD21)3.0 i 4WD, 148HPPetrol2960ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle01/1990-12/1995
NISSAN TERRANO II (R20)2.4 4WD, 116HPPetrol2389ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle05/1996-01/2002
NISSAN TERRANO II (R20)2.4 4WD, 118HPPetrol2389ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle05/1996-09/2007
NISSAN TERRANO II (R20)2.4 i 12V 4WD, 124HPPetrol2389ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle02/1993-12/1997
NISSAN TERRANO II (R20)3.0 Di 4WD, 154HPDiesel2953ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle05/2002-09/2007
NISSAN TERRANO II (R20)3.0 DiTD 4WD, 170HPDiesel2953ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle10/1997-12/2004
NISSAN TERRANO II Van (R20)3.0 Di 4WD, 154HPDiesel2953ccVan04/2003-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.0, 140HPPetrol1998ccSUV07/2001-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.0 4x4, 140HPPetrol1998ccSUV07/2001-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.0, 150HPPetrol1998ccSUV09/2001-01/2013
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.0 4x4, 150HPPetrol1998ccSUV09/2001-01/2013
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.0 4x4, 280HPPetrol1998ccSUV06/2001-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.5 4x4, 165HPPetrol2488ccSUV09/2002-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.5 4x4, 179HPPetrol2488ccSUV11/2002-01/2013
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.5 4x4, 182HPPetrol2488ccSUV09/2001-02/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.2 DCi, 114HPDiesel2184ccSUV10/2004-01/2013
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.2 Di 4x4, 114HPDiesel2184ccSUV07/2001-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.2 dCi, 136HPDiesel2184ccSUV12/2003-09/2007
NISSAN X-TRAIL I (T30)2.2 dCi 4x4, 136HPDiesel2184ccSUV06/2001-09/2007
NISSAN VANETTE CARGO Bus (HC 23)1.6 i, 98HPPetrol1597ccBus01/1996-05/2001
NISSAN VANETTE CARGO Bus (HC 23)2.3 D, 75HPDiesel2283ccBus09/1994-05/2001
NISSAN VANETTE CARGO Van (HC 23)2.3 D, 75HPDiesel2283ccVan09/1994-05/2002
OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (T92)1.7 D (F08, M08, F68, M68), 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback12/1991-09/1992
OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (T92)1.7 TDS (F08, M08, F68, M68), 82HPDiesel1686ccHatchback12/1991-01/1998
OPEL ASTRA F (T92)1.7 D (F19, M19), 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon03/1992-09/1992
OPEL ASTRA F (T92)1.7 TDS (F19, M19), 82HPDiesel1686ccSaloon03/1992-09/1998
OPEL ASTRA F Estate Van (T92)1.7 D (F70), 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van12/1991-09/1992
OPEL CORSA A Hatchback (S83)1.5 D (F08, M08, F68, M68), 50HPDiesel1488ccHatchback09/1987-03/1993
OPEL CORSA A Hatchback (S83)1.5 TD (F08, M08, F68, M68), 67HPDiesel1488ccHatchback03/1988-03/1993
SUBARU FORESTER (SF_)2.0 AWD (SF5), 122HPPetrol1994ccSUV08/1997-09/2002
SUBARU FORESTER (SF_)2.0 S Turbo AWD (SF5), 170HPPetrol1994ccSUV06/1998-04/2001
SUBARU FORESTER (SF_)2.0 S Turbo AWD (SF5), 177HPPetrol1994ccSUV04/2001-09/2002
SUBARU FORESTER (SG_)2.0 X AWD (SG5), 158HPPetrol1994ccSUV06/2005-05/2008
SUBARU FORESTER (SG_)2.0 S Turbo AWD (SG5), 177HPPetrol1994ccSUV02/2002-05/2005
SUBARU FORESTER (SG_)2.5 AWD, 175HPPetrol2457ccSUV01/2005-10/2012
SUBARU FORESTER (SG_)2.5 AWD (SG9), 211HPPetrol2457ccSUV12/2003-05/2005
SUBARU FORESTER (SG_)2.5 AWD (SG9, S11SG, S12SH), 230HPPetrol2457ccSUV06/2005-05/2008
SUBARU FORESTER (SG_)2.5 AWD, 232HPPetrol2457ccSUV01/2004-12/2009
SUBARU IMPREZA Coupe (GFC)1.6 (GC4), 90HPPetrol1597ccCoupe12/1996-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Coupe (GFC)2.0 AWD (GC8), 115HPPetrol1994ccCoupe12/1995-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Coupe (GFC)2.0 Turbo AWD (GC8), 211HPPetrol1994ccCoupe12/1996-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)1.6 i (GC3), 90HPPetrol1597ccSaloon08/1992-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)1.6 i AWD (GC4), 90HPPetrol1597ccSaloon08/1992-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)1.8 i (GC5), 103HPPetrol1820ccSaloon11/1995-06/1996
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)1.8 i AWD (GC6), 103HPPetrol1820ccSaloon08/1992-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)2.0 i (GC7), 116HPPetrol1994ccSaloon07/1996-08/1998
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)2.0 i AWD (GC7), 115HPPetrol1994ccSaloon10/1995-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)2.0 Turbo GT AWD (GC8), 211HPPetrol1994ccSaloon03/1994-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GC)2.0 Turbo GT AWD (GC8), 218HPPetrol1994ccSaloon06/1998-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)1.6 (GF3), 90HPPetrol1597ccEstate01/1993-08/1998
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)1.6 i AWD (GF4), 90HPPetrol1597ccEstate08/1992-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)1.8 i AWD (GF6), 103HPPetrol1820ccEstate08/1992-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)2.0 (GF8), 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate09/1996-08/1998
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)2.0 i AWD (GF8), 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate12/1995-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)2.0 i Turbo AWD (GF8), 211HPPetrol1994ccEstate03/1994-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GF)2.0 Turbo GT AWD (GF8), 218HPPetrol1994ccEstate06/1998-12/2000
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)1.5 (GD2), 101HPPetrol1498ccSaloon06/2001-09/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)1.5 AWD (GD3), 105HPPetrol1498ccSaloon05/2006-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)1.5 (GD2), 110HPPetrol1498ccSaloon10/2005-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)1.5 AWD (GD3), 110HPPetrol1498ccSaloon10/2005-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 i R AWD (GD9), 160HPPetrol1994ccSaloon09/2005-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GDA), 218HPPetrol1994ccSaloon12/2000-12/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GDA), 225HPPetrol1994ccSaloon12/2002-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 i WRX AWD (GDA), 228HPPetrol1994ccSaloon12/2002-09/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 AWD (GDA), 250HPPetrol1994ccSaloon10/2005-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 WRX STi AWD (GDB), 265HPPetrol1994ccSaloon11/2001-07/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.0 WRX STi AWD, 320HPPetrol1994ccSaloon02/2004-07/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.5 i AWD (GDE), 152HPPetrol2457ccSaloon12/2002-09/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.5 AWD (GDE), 177HPPetrol2457ccSaloon03/2001-09/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.5 i WRX AWD (GDG), 230HPPetrol2457ccSaloon09/2005-12/2008
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.5 WRX STi AWD (GDF), 280HPPetrol2457ccSaloon09/2005-12/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GD)2.5 AWD (GDF), 300HPPetrol2457ccSaloon10/2005-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)1.5 AWD (GG3), 105HPPetrol1498ccEstate05/2006-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)2.0 i R AWD (GG9), 160HPPetrol1994ccEstate09/2005-06/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)2.0 Turbo AWD (GGA), 218HPPetrol1994ccEstate12/2000-12/2005
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)2.0 WRX Turbo AWD (GGA), 225HPPetrol1994ccEstate12/2002-09/2006
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)2.5 WRX AWD (GGG), 230HPPetrol2457ccEstate09/2005-12/2008
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)2.5 GB270 AWD, 269HPPetrol2457ccEstate07/2007-12/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Estate (GG)2.5 AWD, 300HPPetrol2457ccEstate10/2005-03/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GE, GV)1.5 AWD (GE3), 107HPPetrol1498ccSaloon02/2008-
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GE, GV)2.5 AWD, 272HPPetrol2457ccSaloon01/2007-12/2007
SUBARU IMPREZA Saloon (GE, GV)2.5 AWD, 320HPPetrol2457ccSaloon02/2007-12/2007
SUBARU LEGACY   (BC)2.0 (BC4), 116HPPetrol1994ccSaloon08/1991-12/1993
SUBARU LEGACY   (BC)2000 4WD (BC5), 116HPPetrol1994ccSaloon08/1991-07/1994
SUBARU LEGACY   (BC)2.0 GL, 140HPPetrol1994ccSaloon08/1991-12/1993
SUBARU LEGACY   (BC)2000 Turbo 4WD (BC5), 200HPPetrol1994ccSaloon05/1992-07/1994
SUBARU LEGACY   (BC)2200 4WD (BC7), 136HPPetrol2212ccSaloon01/1989-07/1994
SUBARU LEGACY   Estate (BC, BJF)2000 (BF5), 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate09/1991-12/1993
SUBARU LEGACY   Estate (BC, BJF)2000 4WD (BF5), 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate09/1991-07/1994
SUBARU LEGACY   Estate (BC, BJF)2000 Turbo Super 4WD (BF5), 200HPPetrol1994ccEstate05/1992-07/1994
SUBARU LEGACY   Estate (BC, BJF)2200 Super 4WD (BF7), 136HPPetrol2212ccEstate01/1989-07/1994
SUBARU LEGACY   Estate (BC, BJF)2.2 (BF7), 136HPPetrol2212ccEstate05/1989-10/1991
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II (BD)2.0 i (BD4), 116HPPetrol1994ccSaloon09/1994-03/1999
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II (BD)2.0 i 4WD (BD5), 116HPPetrol1994ccSaloon09/1994-03/1999
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II (BD)2.2 i 4WD (BD7), 128HPPetrol2212ccSaloon09/1994-03/1999
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II (BD)2.2 i 4WD (BD7), 131HPPetrol2212ccSaloon06/1996-03/1999
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II (BD)2.5 i 4WD (BD9), 150HPPetrol2457ccSaloon06/1996-03/1999
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II Estate (BG)2.0 i (BG4), 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate09/1994-11/1998
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II Estate (BG)2.0 i 4WD (BG5), 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate09/1994-11/1998
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II Estate (BG)2.2 i 4WD (BG7), 128HPPetrol2212ccEstate02/1994-12/1998
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II Estate (BG)2.2 i 4WD (BG7), 131HPPetrol2212ccEstate06/1996-11/1998
SUBARU LEGACY Mk II Estate (BG)2.5 i 4WD (BG9), 150HPPetrol2457ccEstate06/1996-11/1998
SUBARU LEGACY III (BE)2.0 AWD (BE5), 125HPPetrol1994ccSaloon04/1999-08/2003
SUBARU LEGACY III (BE)2.5 AWD (BE9), 156HPPetrol2457ccSaloon10/1998-08/2003
SUBARU LEGACY Mk III Estate (BH)2.0 AWD (BH5), 125HPPetrol1994ccEstate12/1998-08/2003
SUBARU LEGACY Mk III Estate (BH)2.5 AWD (BH9), 156HPPetrol2457ccEstate12/1998-08/2003
SUBARU LEGACY Mk III Estate (BH)3.0 H6 AWD (BHE), 209HPPetrol3000ccEstate08/2000-08/2003
SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACK (BG)2.5 (BG9), 150HPPetrol2457ccEstate01/1996-12/1999
SUBARU OUTBACK (BE, BH)3.0 H6 AWD (BHE), 209HPPetrol3000ccEstate10/2000-08/2003
SUBARU SVX (CX)3.3 i 24V 4WD (CXW), 220HPPetrol3319ccCoupe09/1994-12/1997
SUBARU SVX (CX)3.3 i 24V 4WD (CXW), 230HPPetrol3319ccCoupe09/1992-09/1994
SUBARU SVX (CX)3.3 AWD, 233HPPetrol3319ccCoupe09/1993-12/1995
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Saloon (T92)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon03/1992-09/1992
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Saloon (T92)1.7 TD, 82HPDiesel1686ccSaloon12/1991-09/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback (T92)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback12/1991-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback (T92)1.7 TD, 82HPDiesel1686ccHatchback12/1991-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Estate (T92)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate12/1991-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Estate (T92)1.7 TD, 82HPDiesel1686ccEstate12/1991-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN Mk III (F) Estate Van (T92)1.7 D (F70), 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van09/1991-08/1993
VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN Mk III (F) Estate Van (T92)1.7 TD (F70), 82HPDiesel1686ccEstate Van09/1995-08/1996
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Hatchback (J89)1.7 TD, 82HPDiesel1686ccHatchback09/1988-11/1995
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Saloon (J89)1.7 TD, 82HPDiesel1686ccSaloon09/1988-11/1995
VAUXHALL NOVA Saloon (S83)1.5 TD, 67HPDiesel1488ccSaloon01/1990-02/1993
VAUXHALL NOVA Hatchback (S83)1.5 D, 50HPDiesel1488ccHatchback09/1987-03/1993
VAUXHALL NOVA Hatchback (S83)1.5 TD, 67HPDiesel1488ccHatchback01/1990-03/1993
VAUXHALL VECTRA (B) Saloon (J96)1.7 TD (F19), 82HPDiesel1686ccSaloon10/1995-11/1996
VAUXHALL VECTRA (B) Hatchback (J96)1.7 TD (F68), 82HPDiesel1686ccHatchback10/1995-11/1996

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