Automega Heater Glow Plug (12SW)

Automega Heater Glow Plug (12SW)
Automega Heater Glow Plug (12SW)
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Article Information
Glow Plug
Article Attributes
Voltage [V]
Connector type
M 5
Cone Pitch
Length [mm]
Thread Size
Spanner Size
Glow Plug Design
after-glow capable
Glow Plug Design
Pencil-type Glow Plug
Fitting Depth [mm]
Tightening torque from [Nm]
Tightening torque to [Nm]
Other Manufacturer References
12 23 1 288 245
12 23 2 241 387
12 23 2 241 389
6 154 593
7 072 673
000 159 81 01
000 159 83 01
12 14 083
12 14 319
5960 G7
7700 733 076
7700 856 238
8200 090 817
7700 733 076
7700 856 238
8200 090 817
5960 G7
000 159 81 01
000 159 83 01
12 23 1 288 245
12 23 2 241 387
12 23 2 241 389
ALFA ROMEO 145 (930_)1.9 TD (930.A4), 90HPDiesel1929ccHatchback10/1994-02/1999
ALFA ROMEO 146 (930_)1.9 TD (930.B4A), 90HPDiesel1929ccHatchback12/1994-02/1999
ALFA ROMEO 155 (167_)1.9 TD (167.A3B, 167.A3), 90HPDiesel1929ccSaloon04/1993-12/1997
ALFA ROMEO 155 (167_)2.5 TD (167.A1A, 167.A1G), 125HPDiesel2499ccSaloon04/1993-12/1997
ALFA ROMEO 164 (164_)2.5 TD (164.K2A, 164.K2B), 125HPDiesel2499ccSaloon09/1992-09/1998
ALFA ROMEO AR 6 Van (280_)2.4 D (280), 72HPDiesel2445ccVan04/1985-02/1986
ALFA ROMEO AR 6 Van (280_)2.5 D (280), 75HPDiesel2499ccVan03/1986-12/1989
ALFA ROMEO AR 8 Van (280_)2.4 D (280), 72HPDiesel2445ccVan04/1978-08/1986
ALFA ROMEO AR 8 Van (280_)2.5 D (280), 75HPDiesel2499ccVan09/1986-12/1989
ALFA ROMEO AR 8 Platform/Chassis (280_)2.4 D (280), 72HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis04/1978-08/1986
ALFA ROMEO AR 8 Platform/Chassis (280_)2.5 D (280), 75HPDiesel2499ccPlatform/Chassis09/1986-12/1989
BEDFORD CF2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1998ccVan10/1980-10/1983
BEDFORD CF2.3 D, 63HPDiesel2260ccVan01/1973-10/1987
BMW 3 (E30)324 d, 86HPDiesel2443ccSaloon09/1985-12/1990
BMW 5 (E28)524 d, 86HPDiesel2443ccSaloon03/1986-12/1987
BMW 5 (E28)524 td, 115HPDiesel2443ccSaloon09/1983-12/1987
CHRYSLER VOYAGER II (ES)2.5 TD, 118HPDiesel2500ccMPV01/1992-09/1995
CHRYSLER TACUMA Mk II (GS)2.5 TD, 116HPDiesel2499ccMPV01/1995-03/2001
CITROËN BERLINGO / BERLINGO FIRST MPV (MF_, GJK_, GFK_)1.8 D (MFA9A), 58HPDiesel1769ccMPV07/1998-10/2002
CITROËN BERLINGO / BERLINGO FIRST MPV (MF_, GJK_, GFK_)1.9 D (MFDJY), 68HPDiesel1905ccMPV07/1996-12/2003
CITROËN BERLINGO / BERLINGO FIRST Box Body/MPV (M_)1.8 D (MBA9A, MCA9A), 59HPDiesel1769ccBox Body/MPV07/1996-10/2002
CITROËN BERLINGO / BERLINGO FIRST Box Body/MPV (M_)1.9 D (MBDJY), 70HPDiesel1905ccBox Body/MPV07/1996-12/2003
CITROËN BX (XB-_)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback10/1985-09/1993
CITROËN BX (XB-_)TRD Turbo, 90HPDiesel1769ccHatchback03/1988-02/1993
CITROËN BX (XB-_)19 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback09/1983-09/1993
CITROËN BX (XB-_)19 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccHatchback03/1987-02/1993
CITROËN BX Break (XB-_)18 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccEstate10/1985-09/1993
CITROËN BX Break (XB-_)19 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccEstate09/1983-11/1994
CITROËN BX Break (XB-_)19 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccEstate03/1987-12/1994
CITROËN BX Break (XB-_)TRD Turbo, 90HPDiesel1769ccEstate03/1988-12/1994
CITROËN BX Break (XB-_)1.9 D, 71HPDiesel1905ccEstate01/1987-01/1992
CITROËN CX   (MA)2500 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccSaloon02/1978-06/1982
CITROËN CX   (MA)25 D Turbo, 95HPDiesel2499ccSaloon04/1983-08/1985
CITROËN CX   Break (MA)2500 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccEstate02/1978-08/1985
CITROËN CX   Break (MA)2500 D Turbo, 95HPDiesel2499ccEstate04/1983-08/1985
CITROËN CX II25 D, 73HPDiesel2499ccSaloon08/1985-12/1992
CITROËN CX II25 D Turbo, 95HPDiesel2499ccSaloon08/1985-12/1986
CITROËN CX II25 D Turbo, 120HPDiesel2499ccSaloon01/1987-12/1992
CITROËN CX Mk II Break25 D, 73HPDiesel2499ccEstate05/1986-12/1992
CITROËN CX Mk II Break2500 D Turbo, 95HPDiesel2499ccEstate08/1985-12/1986
CITROËN CX Mk II Break25 D Turbo 2, 120HPDiesel2499ccEstate01/1987-12/1992
CITROËN C15 Box Body/MPV (VD_)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccBox Body/MPV07/1986-12/2000
CITROËN C15 Estate1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccEstate04/1987-08/2000
CITROËN SYNERGIE MPV (22, U6)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccMPV10/1995-12/1998
CITROËN SYNERGIE MPV (22, U6)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccMPV11/1994-07/2002
CITROËN SYNERGIE MPV (22, U6)2.1 TD, 109HPDiesel2088ccMPV05/1996-07/2002
CITROËN DISPATCH (U6U_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccBus10/1995-08/2000
CITROËN DISPATCH (U6U_)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus04/1996-11/2003
CITROËN DISPATCH Van (BS_, BT_, BY_, BZ_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan10/1995-08/1998
CITROËN DISPATCH Van (BS_, BT_, BY_, BZ_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan10/1995-08/2000
CITROËN DISPATCH Platform/Chassis (BU_, BV_, BW_, BX_)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis10/1999-10/2006
CITROËN VISA17 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback04/1984-03/1991
CITROËN XANTIA (X1_, X2_)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccHatchback06/1994-01/1998
CITROËN XANTIA (X1_, X2_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccHatchback06/1994-01/1998
CITROËN XANTIA (X1_, X2_)1.9 SD, 75HPDiesel1905ccHatchback02/1996-04/2003
CITROËN XANTIA (X1_, X2_)2.1 Turbo D 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccHatchback06/1995-02/1999
CITROËN XANTIA Estate (X1_, X2_)1.9 SD, 75HPDiesel1905ccEstate04/1997-04/2003
CITROËN XANTIA Estate (X1_, X2_)1.9 Turbo D, 90HPDiesel1905ccEstate06/1995-04/2003
CITROËN XANTIA Estate (X1_, X2_)2.1 Turbo D 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccEstate06/1996-02/1999
CITROËN XM (Y3)2.1 D 12V, 82HPDiesel2138ccHatchback05/1989-06/1994
CITROËN XM (Y3)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccHatchback05/1989-06/1994
CITROËN XM Estate (Y3)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccEstate11/1991-04/1994
CITROËN XM Estate (Y3)2.1 D 12V, 82HPDiesel2138ccEstate11/1991-04/1994
CITROËN XM (Y4)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccHatchback05/1994-10/2000
CITROËN XM (Y4)2.5 TD, 129HPDiesel2446ccHatchback05/1994-10/2000
CITROËN XM Estate (Y4)2.1 D12, 82HPDiesel2138ccEstate07/1994-06/1996
CITROËN XM Estate (Y4)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccEstate05/1994-10/2000
CITROËN XM Estate (Y4)2.5 TD, 129HPDiesel2446ccEstate05/1994-10/2000
CITROËN XSARA (N1)1.8 D, 58HPDiesel1769ccHatchback04/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA (N1)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccHatchback04/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA (N1)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccHatchback04/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA Estate (N2)1.8 D, 58HPDiesel1769ccEstate10/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA Estate (N2)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA Estate (N2)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA Coupe (N0)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccCoupe02/1998-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA Coupe (N0)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccCoupe02/1998-09/2000
CITROËN ZX (N2)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback06/1993-06/1997
CITROËN ZX (N2)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback03/1991-06/1997
CITROËN ZX (N2)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccHatchback07/1993-06/1997
CITROËN ZX (N2)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccHatchback07/1992-06/1997
CITROËN ZX Estate (N2)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccEstate10/1993-10/1997
CITROËN ZX Estate (N2)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1993-10/1997
CITROËN ZX Estate (N2)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccEstate06/1994-10/1997
CITROËN ZX Estate (N2)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1993-10/1997
CITROËN C25 Bus (280_, 290_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccBus07/1987-02/1994
CITROËN C25 Bus (280_, 290_)2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2498ccBus10/1985-02/1994
CITROËN C25 Bus (280_, 290_)2.5 D 4x4, 73HPDiesel2498ccBus01/1987-02/1994
CITROËN C25 Bus (280_, 290_)2.5 D Turbo, 95HPDiesel2500ccBus08/1987-02/1994
CITROËN C25 Bus (280_, 290_)2.5 D Turbo 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccBus08/1987-02/1994
CITROËN C25 Van (280_, 290_)1.9 D 1400, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan01/1988-01/1994
CITROËN C25 Van (280_, 290_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2498ccVan11/1981-01/1994
CITROËN C25 Van (280_, 290_)2.5 DT, 95HPDiesel2498ccVan08/1991-01/1994
CITROËN C25 Van (280_, 290_)2.5 DT 4x4, 95HPDiesel2498ccVan08/1991-01/1994
CITROËN C25 Platform/Chassis (280_, 290_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis11/1983-01/1994
CITROËN C25 Platform/Chassis (280_, 290_)2.5 DT, 95HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis01/1987-01/1994
CITROËN C35 Bus2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2498ccBus02/1980-01/1994
CITROËN C35 Platform/Chassis2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis02/1980-01/1994
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccBus01/1999-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccBus08/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)1.9 TD 4x4, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus08/1996-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)2.5 D, 86HPDiesel2446ccBus08/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)2.5 D 4x4, 86HPDiesel2446ccBus08/1996-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)2.5 TD, 103HPDiesel2446ccBus08/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Bus (230P)2.5 TD 4x4, 103HPDiesel2446ccBus08/1996-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccVan07/1999-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccVan03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)2.5 D, 86HPDiesel2446ccVan03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)2.5 D 4x4, 86HPDiesel2446ccVan03/2000-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Van (230L)2.5 TD, 103HPDiesel2446ccVan03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Platform/Chassis (230)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Platform/Chassis (230)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 D, 86HPDiesel2446ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 D 4x4, 86HPDiesel2446ccPlatform/Chassis03/2000-04/2002
CITROËN RELAY Platform/Chassis (230)2.5 TD, 103HPDiesel2446ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
DODGE CARAVAN2.5 TD, 116HPDiesel2499ccMPV01/1995-03/2001
FIAT ARGENTA (132_)2500 Diesel, 72HPDiesel2445ccSaloon06/1981-11/1985
FIAT ARGENTA (132_)2500 Turbodiesel, 90HPDiesel2445ccSaloon07/1983-08/1985
FIAT BRAVA (182_)1.9 D, 65HPDiesel1929ccHatchback10/1995-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO I (182_)1.9 D, 65HPDiesel1929ccHatchback10/1995-10/2001
FIAT CAMPAGNOLA (110_)2.4 D, 72HPDiesel2445ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle06/1974-10/1989
FIAT CROMA (154_)2500 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccHatchback12/1985-12/1989
FIAT CROMA (154_)2500 TD (154.AE), 101HPDiesel2445ccHatchback12/1985-08/1989
FIAT CROMA (154_)2500 TD (154.LL, 154.PL), 115HPDiesel2500ccHatchback05/1989-08/1996
FIAT DUNA (146_)1.7 DS, 60HPDiesel1698ccSaloon01/1987-12/1991
FIAT DUNA Weekend (146_)1.7 DS, 60HPDiesel1698ccEstate01/1987-12/1991
FIAT FIORINO (147_)1.3 D, 45HPDiesel1288ccBox Body/MPV03/1982-01/1988
FIAT FIORINO Pick up (147_)1.3 D, 45HPDiesel1302ccPickup05/1984-12/1988
FIAT FIORINO Box Body/MPV (146_)60 1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1697ccBox Body/MPV05/1988-10/1996
FIAT FIORINO Box Body/MPV (146_)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1697ccBox Body/MPV01/1988-10/1999
FIAT FIORINO Box Body/MPV (146_)1.7 TD, 63HPDiesel1697ccBox Body/MPV11/1996-05/2000
FIAT FIORINO Box Body/MPV (146_)60 1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1698ccBox Body/MPV05/1988-05/2000
FIAT FIORINO Box Body/MPV (146_)65 1.7 TD, 63HPDiesel1698ccBox Body/MPV01/1997-05/2001
FIAT FIORINO Pick up (146_)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1697ccPickup10/1993-10/1999
FIAT FIORINO Pick up (146_)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1698ccPickup05/1988-10/1999
FIAT FIORINO Pick up (146_)1.7 TD, 63HPDiesel1698ccPickup01/1997-05/2001
FIAT PALIO Weekend (178_, 173_, 373_, 374_, 171_)1.7 TD, 70HPDiesel1698ccEstate04/1996-03/2001
FIAT PANDA (141_)1300 D, 37HPDiesel1302ccHatchback04/1986-12/1992
FIAT PUNTO (176_)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1698ccHatchback04/1994-09/1997
FIAT PUNTO (176_)1.7 TD (176AT), 63HPDiesel1698ccHatchback09/1996-09/1999
FIAT PUNTO (176_)1.7 TD, 69HPDiesel1698ccHatchback01/1994-09/1999
FIAT PUNTO (176_)1.7 TD, 71HPDiesel1698ccHatchback01/1994-09/1999
FIAT PUNTO Van (176_)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1698ccHatchback Van04/1996-02/2000
FIAT PUNTO Van (176_)1.7 TD, 63HPDiesel1698ccHatchback Van09/1996-09/1999
FIAT PUNTO Van (176_)1.7 TD, 71HPDiesel1698ccHatchback Van04/1996-02/2000
FIAT REGATA (138_)60 Diesel 1.7, 60HPDiesel1698ccSaloon05/1985-03/1989
FIAT REGATA (138_)60 Diesel 1.7, 58HPDiesel1714ccSaloon09/1983-12/1986
FIAT REGATA (138_)65 Diesel 1.9, 65HPDiesel1929ccSaloon04/1984-07/1989
FIAT REGATA (138_)80 Turbo Diesel 1.9, 80HPDiesel1929ccSaloon05/1986-07/1989
FIAT REGATA Weekend (138_)60 Diesel 1.7, 60HPDiesel1698ccEstate01/1984-12/1989
FIAT REGATA Weekend (138_)65 Diesel 1.9, 65HPDiesel1929ccEstate04/1984-07/1989
FIAT REGATA Weekend (138_)80 Turbo Diesel 1.9, 80HPDiesel1929ccEstate05/1986-07/1989
FIAT STRADA (138_)1.7 Diesel, 60HPDiesel1698ccHatchback05/1985-12/1987
FIAT STRADA (138_)1.7 Diesel, 55HPDiesel1714ccHatchback10/1979-09/1982
FIAT STRADA (138_)1.9 TD, 80HPDiesel1929ccHatchback12/1985-12/1987
FIAT SCUDO Bus (220_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1996-04/1998
FIAT SCUDO Bus (220_)1.9 TD Eco, 90HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1996-12/2006
FIAT SCUDO Bus (220_)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1996-12/2006
FIAT SCUDO Van (220_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1996-12/2006
FIAT SCUDO Van (220_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1996-12/2006
FIAT SCUDO Van (220_)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1998-12/2006
FIAT SIENA (178_, 172_)1.7 TD, 69HPDiesel1698ccSaloon02/2006-12/2009
FIAT STRADA Pickup (178_)1.7 TD, 69HPDiesel1698ccPickup06/1999-12/2006
FIAT TEMPRA (159_)1.9 D (159.AG), 65HPDiesel1929ccSaloon07/1991-08/1996
FIAT TEMPRA (159_)1.9 TD (159.AQ), 80HPDiesel1929ccSaloon07/1992-08/1996
FIAT TEMPRA (159_)1.9 TD (159.CU, 159.AU, 159.AI, 159.BI), 90HPDiesel1929ccSaloon05/1990-08/1996
FIAT TEMPRA S.W. (159_)1.9 D (159.AG), 65HPDiesel1929ccEstate07/1991-08/1996
FIAT TEMPRA S.W. (159_)1.9 TD (159.AQ), 80HPDiesel1929ccEstate03/1992-06/1993
FIAT TEMPRA S.W. (159_)1.9 TD (159.AI, 159.BI, 159.CU, 159.AU), 90HPDiesel1929ccEstate07/1991-02/1995
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.7 D (160.AG), 58HPDiesel1697ccHatchback01/1988-10/1994
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.7 D (160.AG), 61HPDiesel1697ccHatchback01/1988-10/1995
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.9 D, 65HPDiesel1929ccHatchback07/1991-08/1995
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.9 TD (160.AW), 80HPDiesel1929ccHatchback03/1992-06/1993
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.9 TD (160.EL, 160.GL, 160.AQ, 160.EI, 160.AR), 90HPDiesel1929ccHatchback09/1990-04/1995
FIAT ULYSSE (220_)1.9 TD (220AH5), 90HPDiesel1905ccMPV02/1995-08/2002
FIAT ULYSSE (220_)2.1 TD, 109HPDiesel2088ccMPV03/1996-10/1999
FIAT UNO (146_)1.3 Super Diesel, 45HPDiesel1302ccHatchback06/1983-03/1992
FIAT UNO (146_)70 TD 1.4, 71HPDiesel1367ccHatchback10/1986-10/1990
FIAT UNO (146_)1.7 D, 58HPDiesel1697ccHatchback11/1994-08/2000
FIAT UNO (146_)60 Diesel 1.7 (146E), 57HPDiesel1698ccHatchback09/1989-12/1993
FIAT UNO (146_)60 Diesel 1.7, 60HPDiesel1698ccHatchback07/1986-08/1989
FIAT UNO (146_)1.9 D, 60HPDiesel1929ccHatchback09/1989-03/1994
FIAT 127 (127_)1.3 Diesel, 45HPDiesel1301ccHatchback04/1981-12/1986
FIAT 127 Panorama (127_)1.3 D, 45HPDiesel1301ccEstate06/1981-12/1986
FIAT 131 (131_)2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1995ccSaloon03/1978-03/1987
FIAT 131 (131_)2.5 D, 72HPDiesel2445ccSaloon06/1978-02/1984
FIAT 131 Familiare/Panorama (131_)2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1995ccEstate07/1978-08/1984
FIAT 131 Familiare/Panorama (131_)2.5 Super Diesel (AF), 72HPDiesel2445ccEstate03/1979-12/1984
FIAT 132 (132_)2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1995ccSaloon07/1978-07/1982
FIAT 132 (132_)2.5 D, 72HPDiesel2445ccSaloon07/1978-07/1982
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)1.9 D, 71HPDiesel1929ccBus02/1987-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccBus03/1989-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)2.4 D, 72HPDiesel2428ccBus07/1982-12/1985
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)2.5 TD, 92HPDiesel2445ccBus01/1987-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)2.5 TD 4x4, 92HPDiesel2445ccBus01/1986-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2500ccBus01/1986-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (280_)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2500ccBus01/1987-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Van (280_)1.9 D, 71HPDiesel1929ccVan01/1988-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Van (280_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccVan03/1989-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Van (280_)2.4 D, 72HPDiesel2428ccVan01/1982-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Van (280_)2.5 TD 4x4, 92HPDiesel2445ccVan09/1986-09/1990
FIAT DUCATO Van (280_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2500ccVan01/1982-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Van (280_)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2500ccVan03/1989-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (280_)1.9 D, 71HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis01/1988-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (280_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis03/1989-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (280_)2.5 TD, 92HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis01/1986-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (280_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis07/1982-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (280_)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis03/1989-08/1990
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (290_)1.9 D, 71HPDiesel1929ccBus07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (290_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccBus07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (290_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2500ccBus07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (290_)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2500ccBus07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (290_)2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2499ccBus06/1990-05/1994
FIAT DUCATO Panorama (290_)2.5 TD 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccBus01/1991-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Van (290_)1.9 D, 71HPDiesel1929ccVan07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Van (290_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccVan03/1989-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Van (290_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccVan06/1990-05/1994
FIAT DUCATO Van (290_)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2500ccVan07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Van (290_)2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2500ccVan07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Van (290_)2.5 TD 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccVan07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (290_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis03/1989-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (290_)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis03/1989-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (290_)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (290_)2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (290_)2.5 TD 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis07/1990-03/1994
FIAT DUCATO Bus (230_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccBus04/1998-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Bus (230_)1.9 D Combinato, 69HPDiesel1929ccBus06/1995-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Bus (230_)1.9 TD Combinato, 80HPDiesel1929ccBus08/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Bus (230_)1.9 TD Panorama/Combinato, 82HPDiesel1929ccBus03/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Van (230_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan04/1998-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Van (230_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1929ccVan03/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Van (230_)1.9 TD CAT, 80HPDiesel1929ccVan08/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Van (230_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccVan03/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (230_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis04/1998-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (230_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (230_)1.9 TD CAT, 80HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis08/1994-04/2002
FIAT DUCATO Platform/Chassis (230_)1.9 TD, 82HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
FIAT TALENTO Bus (290_)1.9 D (290UEHK), 71HPDiesel1929ccBus03/1989-03/1994
FIAT TALENTO Van (290_)1.9 D (290UK), 71HPDiesel1929ccVan03/1989-03/1994
FIAT TALENTO Platform/Chassis (290_)1.9 D (290UAK, 290UTK), 71HPDiesel1929ccPlatform/Chassis03/1989-03/1994
FIAT 242 Van (242_)2.5 D, 71HPDiesel2498ccVan08/1980-07/1982
FORD GRANADA II (GU)1.9 D, 54HPDiesel1948ccSaloon08/1977-08/1982
FORD GRANADA II (GU)2.1 D, 63HPDiesel2112ccSaloon08/1977-08/1982
FORD GRANADA II (GU)2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2498ccSaloon08/1982-08/1985
FORD GRANADA Turnier (GNU)2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2498ccEstate08/1982-08/1985
FORD GRANADA Mk III  (GAE, GGE)2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2498ccHatchback12/1985-02/1992
FORD GRANADA Mk III  (GAE, GGE)2.5 TD, 92HPDiesel2498ccHatchback06/1988-07/1993
FORD GRANADA Mk III  (GAE, GGE)2.5 TD, 115HPDiesel2500ccHatchback08/1993-09/1994
FORD GRANADA Mk III  Saloon (GGE)2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2498ccSaloon12/1989-12/1994
FORD GRANADA Mk III  Saloon (GGE)2.5 TD, 92HPDiesel2498ccSaloon06/1988-07/1993
FORD GRANADA Mk III  Saloon (GGE)2.5 TD, 115HPDiesel2500ccSaloon08/1993-09/1994
FORD GRANADA Mk III  Turnier (GGE)2.5 TD, 92HPDiesel2498ccEstate09/1991-07/1993
FORD GRANADA Mk III  Turnier (GGE)2.5 TD, 115HPDiesel2500ccEstate08/1993-09/1994
FORD SIERRA I Hatchback (GBC)2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccHatchback08/1982-12/1986
FORD SIERRA Turnier (BNC)2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccEstate08/1982-12/1986
FORD SIERRA II Hatchback (GBC, GBG)2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccHatchback01/1987-09/1989
FORD SIERRA II Sapphire (GBG, GB4)2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccSaloon01/1987-09/1989
FORD SIERRA II Turnier (BNG)2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccEstate01/1987-02/1993
FSO POLONEZ III1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccHatchback09/1992-03/2002
HYUNDAI LANTRA Mk II (J-2)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccSaloon03/1998-09/2000
HYUNDAI LANTRA Mk II Estate (J-2)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccEstate03/1998-10/2000
INNOCENTI ELBA1.7 D (146DI, 146EI), 57HPDiesel1697ccEstate08/1991-12/1996
IVECO DAILY I Van30-8 (10014131, 10014132, 10014137, 10014231, 10014232,..., 72HPDiesel2445ccVan01/1978-12/1989
IVECO DAILY I Van35-8 (10034131, 10034132, 10034137, 10034224, 10034231,..., 72HPDiesel2445ccVan01/1978-12/1989
IVECO DAILY I Van40-8 V, 72HPDiesel2445ccVan01/1983-06/1989
IVECO DAILY I Platform/Chassis30-8 (10011131, 10011132, 10011231, 10011232, 10011237,..., 72HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis01/1978-12/1989
IVECO DAILY I Platform/Chassis35-8 (10031131, 10031132, 10031137, 10031224, 10031231,..., 72HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis01/1978-12/1989
IVECO DAILY I Platform/Chassis40-8, 72HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis01/1983-06/1989
JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ)2.5, 121HPPetrol2469ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle10/1995-09/2001
JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ)2.1 TD, 80HPDiesel2068ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle06/1989-03/1992
JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ)2.1 TD, 87HPDiesel2068ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle10/1984-09/2001
JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ)2.5 Tdi 4x4, 116HPDiesel2498ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle10/1996-09/2001
JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ)2.5 TD 4x4, 116HPDiesel2499ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle01/1988-09/2001
LADA NIVA Closed Off-Road Vehicle (2121, 2131)1900 Diesel (21215), 65HPDiesel1905ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle01/1993-08/1999
LAND ROVER 110/127 (LDH)2.3 D 4x4, 63HPDiesel2286ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle06/1984-08/1987
LAND ROVER 110/127 (LDH)2.5 D 4x4, 69HPDiesel2495ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle09/1983-07/1990
LAND ROVER 110/127 (LDH)2.5 TD 4x4, 86HPDiesel2494ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle09/1986-07/1990
LAND ROVER DEFENDER Station Wagon (L316)2.5 D 4x4 (L316), 69HPDiesel2495ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle09/1990-07/1994
LAND ROVER DEFENDER Cabrio (L316)2.5 D 4x4 (L316), 69HPDiesel2495ccOpen Off-Road Vehicle09/1990-07/1994
MERCEDES-BENZ 190 (W201)D 2.0 (201.122), 72HPDiesel1997ccSaloon08/1983-08/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ 190 (W201)D 2.5 (201.126), 90HPDiesel2497ccSaloon04/1985-08/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 Saloon (W123)200 D, 60HPDiesel1988ccSaloon03/1979-11/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 Saloon (W123)240 D (123.123), 72HPDiesel2399ccSaloon03/1979-11/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 Saloon (W123)300 D (123.130), 80HPDiesel2998ccSaloon02/1976-07/1980
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 Saloon (W123)300 D (123.130), 88HPDiesel2998ccSaloon03/1979-11/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 Saloon (W123)300 Turbo-D (123.133), 125HPDiesel2998ccSaloon08/1981-07/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 T-Model (S123)240 T D (123.183), 72HPDiesel2399ccEstate03/1979-12/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 T-Model (S123)300 T D (123.190), 80HPDiesel2998ccEstate09/1977-10/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 T-Model (S123)300 T D (123.190), 88HPDiesel2998ccEstate03/1979-11/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 T-Model (S123)300 T Turbo-D (123.193), 125HPDiesel2998ccEstate10/1980-11/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 123 Coupe (C123)300 C Turbo-D (123.153), 125HPDiesel2998ccCoupe09/1981-07/1985
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)200 D (124.120), 72HPDiesel1997ccSaloon12/1984-08/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)200 D (124.120), 75HPDiesel1997ccSaloon08/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)250 D (124.125), 90HPDiesel2497ccSaloon04/1985-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)250 D (124.125), 94HPDiesel2497ccSaloon01/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 D (124.130), 109HPDiesel2996ccSaloon12/1984-08/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 D 4-matic (124.330), 109HPDiesel2996ccSaloon09/1986-08/1992
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 D (124.130), 110HPDiesel2996ccSaloon06/1990-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 D (124.130), 113HPDiesel2996ccSaloon08/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 Turbo-D (124.133), 143HPDiesel2996ccSaloon09/1986-09/1988
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 Turbo-D 4-matic (124.333), 143HPDiesel2996ccSaloon09/1986-09/1988
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 Turbo-D (124.133), 147HPDiesel2996ccSaloon09/1988-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 Saloon (W124)300 Turbo-D 4-matic (124.333), 147HPDiesel2996ccSaloon01/1988-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)200 T D (124.180), 72HPDiesel1997ccEstate09/1985-08/1991
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)200 T D (124.180), 75HPDiesel1997ccEstate09/1988-08/1991
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)250 T D (124.185), 90HPDiesel2497ccEstate09/1985-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)250 T D (124.185), 94HPDiesel2497ccEstate01/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T D (124.190), 109HPDiesel2996ccEstate09/1986-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T D (124.190), 110HPDiesel2996ccEstate01/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T D (124.190), 113HPDiesel2996ccEstate01/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T Turbo-D, 143HPDiesel2996ccEstate09/1986-01/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T Turbo-D 4-matic (124.393), 143HPDiesel2996ccEstate09/1986-01/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T Turbo-D (124.193), 147HPDiesel2996ccEstate01/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ 124 T-Model (S124)300 T Turbo-D 4-matic (124.393), 147HPDiesel2996ccEstate01/1989-06/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (W124)E 200 D (124.120), 75HPDiesel1997ccSaloon06/1993-06/1995
MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (W124)E 300 Turbo-D (124.133), 147HPDiesel2996ccSaloon06/1993-06/1995
MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS (W124)E 300 Turbo-D 4-matic (124.333), 147HPDiesel2996ccSaloon06/1993-06/1995
MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 300 T Turbo-D (124.193), 147HPDiesel2996ccEstate06/1993-06/1996
MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS T-Model (S124)E 300 T Turbo-D 4-matic (124.393), 147HPDiesel2996ccEstate06/1993-06/1996
MERCEDES-BENZ G-CLASS (W460)300 GD (460,3), 88HPDiesel2998ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle12/1979-12/1991
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Bus (W631)2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1988ccBus04/1988-08/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Bus (W631)D, 56HPDiesel2399ccBus12/1990-12/1994
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Bus (W631)D (631.333, 631.343, 631.334, 631.344), 72HPDiesel2399ccBus02/1988-05/1992
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Bus (W631)D (631.333, 631.343, 631.334, 631.344), 75HPDiesel2399ccBus12/1990-02/1996
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Van (W631)2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1988ccVan04/1988-08/1993
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Van (W631)D (631.332, 631.342), 72HPDiesel2399ccVan02/1988-05/1992
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Van (W631)D (631.332, 631.342), 75HPDiesel2399ccVan12/1990-02/1996
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Platform/Chassis (W631)D (631.340), 72HPDiesel2399ccPlatform/Chassis02/1988-05/1992
MERCEDES-BENZ MB Platform/Chassis (W631)D (631.340), 75HPDiesel2399ccPlatform/Chassis12/1990-02/1996
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Bus (B901, B902)210 D, 102HPDiesel2874ccBus03/1997-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Bus (B901, B902)212 D, 122HPDiesel2874ccBus02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Van (B901, B902)210 D, 102HPDiesel2874ccVan01/1997-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Van (B901, B902)212 D, 122HPDiesel2874ccVan02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Platform/Chassis (B901, B902)210 D, 102HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis01/1997-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 2-t Platform/Chassis (B901, B902)212 D, 122HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Bus (B903)310 D (903.471, 903.472, 903.473), 102HPDiesel2874ccBus01/1997-12/1999
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Bus (B903)310 D 4x4, 102HPDiesel2874ccBus05/1997-08/2002
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Bus (B903)312 D 2.9, 122HPDiesel2874ccBus02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Bus (B903)312 D 2.9 4x4, 122HPDiesel2874ccBus05/1997-08/2002
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Van (B903)310 D 2.9, 102HPDiesel2874ccVan02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Van (B903)312 D 2.9, 122HPDiesel2874ccVan02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Van (B903)312 D 2.9 4x4, 122HPDiesel2874ccVan05/1997-08/2002
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (B903)310 D 2.9, 102HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis01/1997-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (B903)312 D 2.9 (903.411, 903.412, 903.413, 903.421, 903.422,..., 116HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis12/1998-09/2001
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (B903)312 D 2.9, 122HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis02/1995-04/2000
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Van (B904)410 D, 102HPDiesel2874ccVan02/1996-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Van (B904)410 D 4x4, 102HPDiesel2874ccVan05/1997-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Van (B904)412 D, 115HPDiesel2874ccVan02/1996-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Van (B904)412 D 4x4, 115HPDiesel2874ccVan05/1997-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Van (B904)412 D, 122HPDiesel2874ccVan02/1996-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Van (B904)412 D 4x4, 122HPDiesel2874ccVan05/1997-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B904)410 D, 102HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis02/1996-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B904)410 D 4x4, 102HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis05/1997-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B904)412 D, 115HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis02/1996-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B904)412 D 4x4, 115HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis05/1997-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B904)412 D, 122HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis02/1996-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B904)412 D 4x4, 122HPDiesel2874ccPlatform/Chassis05/1997-05/2006
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Bus (B601)207 D 2.4 (601.371, 601.376, 601.377), 72HPDiesel2376ccBus07/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Bus (B601)209 D 2.9, 88HPDiesel2998ccBus12/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Van (601, 611)207 D 2.4, 72HPDiesel2399ccVan06/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Van (601, 611)209 D 2.9, 88HPDiesel2998ccVan12/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Platform/Chassis (601)207 D 2.4, 72HPDiesel2399ccPlatform/Chassis12/1977-10/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Platform/Chassis (601)209 D 2.9, 88HPDiesel2998ccPlatform/Chassis12/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Van (B602)307 D 2.4, 72HPDiesel2399ccVan10/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Van (B602)309 D 3.0, 88HPDiesel2998ccVan10/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Platform/Chassis (B602)307 D 2.4, 72HPDiesel2399ccPlatform/Chassis06/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1 Platform/Chassis (B602)309 D 3.0, 88HPDiesel2998ccPlatform/Chassis10/1982-01/1990
MERCEDES-BENZ T1/TN Platform/Chassis407 D (611.317, 611.318), 72HPDiesel2398ccPlatform/Chassis07/1981-01/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T1/TN Platform/Chassis409 D (611.417, 611.418), 88HPDiesel2998ccPlatform/Chassis04/1982-01/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T1/TN Van407 D (611.367, 611.368), 72HPDiesel2398ccVan07/1981-01/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T1/TN Van409 D (611.467, 611.468), 88HPDiesel2998ccVan04/1982-01/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T2/LN1 Van507 D (667.361, 667.362), 72HPDiesel2399ccVan04/1986-04/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T2/LN1 Platform/Chassis507 D (667.301, 667.302, 667.341, 667.342), 72HPDiesel2399ccPlatform/Chassis04/1986-04/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T2/LN1 Dump Truck507 DK (667.341, 667.342), 72HPDiesel2399ccDump Truck04/1986-04/1989
MERCEDES-BENZ T2/L Platform/ChassisL 407 D (309.100, 309.101, 309.102, 309.103), 72HPDiesel2404ccPlatform/Chassis01/1975-12/1988
MERCEDES-BENZ T2/L VanL 407 D (309.111, 309.112, 309.113, 309.114, 309.115,..., 72HPDiesel2404ccVan01/1975-12/1988
OPEL ASCONA C Hatchback (J82)1.6 D (F68, M68), 54HPDiesel1598ccHatchback03/1982-08/1988
OPEL ASCONA C (J82)1.6 D (F11, M11, F68, M68), 54HPDiesel1598ccSaloon03/1982-08/1988
OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (T92)1.7 D (F08, M08, F68, M68), 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback12/1991-09/1992
OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (T92)1.7 D (F08, M08, F68, M68), 60HPDiesel1699ccHatchback07/1992-01/1998
OPEL ASTRA F Hatchback (T92)1.7 TD (F08, M08, F68, M68), 68HPDiesel1699ccHatchback11/1994-01/1998
OPEL ASTRA F (T92)1.7 D (F19, M19), 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon03/1992-09/1992
OPEL ASTRA F (T92)1.7 D (F19, M19), 60HPDiesel1699ccSaloon07/1992-09/1998
OPEL ASTRA F (T92)1.7 TD (F19, M19), 68HPDiesel1699ccSaloon11/1994-09/1998
OPEL ASTRA F Estate (T92)1.7 D (F35, M35), 60HPDiesel1699ccEstate07/1992-01/1998
OPEL ASTRA F Estate (T92)1.7 TD (F35, M35), 68HPDiesel1699ccEstate11/1994-01/1998
OPEL ASTRA F Estate Van (T92)1.7 D (F70), 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van12/1991-09/1992
OPEL ASTRA F Estate Van (T92)1.7 D (F70), 60HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van07/1992-01/1999
OPEL ASTRA F Estate Van (T92)1.7 TD (F70), 68HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van08/1994-01/1999
OPEL ASTRA G Hatchback (T98)1.7 TD (F08, F48), 68HPDiesel1699ccHatchback02/1998-08/2000
OPEL ASTRA G Saloon (T98)1.7 TD (F69), 68HPDiesel1699ccSaloon09/1998-08/2000
OPEL ASTRA G Estate (T98)1.7 TD (F35), 68HPDiesel1699ccEstate02/1998-08/2000
OPEL ASTRA G Estate Van (F70)1.7 TD (F70), 68HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van01/1999-04/2005
OPEL FRONTERA A (U92)2.3 TD (5JMWL4), 100HPDiesel2260ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle03/1992-10/1998
OPEL KADETT E Hatchback (T85)1.6 D (C08, C48, D08, D48), 54HPDiesel1598ccHatchback09/1984-01/1989
OPEL KADETT E Hatchback (T85)1.7 D (C08, C48, D08, D48), 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback02/1989-08/1991
OPEL KADETT E (T85)1.7 D (C19, D19), 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon02/1989-08/1991
OPEL KADETT E Estate (T85)1.6 D (C15, C35, D15, D35), 54HPDiesel1598ccEstate09/1984-01/1989
OPEL KADETT E Estate (T85)1.7 D (C15, C35, D15, D35), 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate02/1989-08/1991
OPEL KADETT E Estate Van (T85)1.6 D (C70, D70), 54HPDiesel1598ccEstate Van08/1984-08/1988
OPEL KADETT E Estate Van (T85)1.7 D (C70, D70), 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van08/1988-09/1992
OPEL KADETT E Combo (T85)1.6 D (C25, D25), 54HPDiesel1598ccEstate Van01/1986-12/1989
OPEL KADETT E Combo (T85)1.7 D (C25, D25), 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van01/1989-07/1994
OPEL REKORD E (17_, 11_, 14_, 16_, 18_, 19_)2.2 D, 65HPDiesel2260ccSaloon08/1978-08/1983
OPEL REKORD E (17_, 11_, 14_, 16_, 18_, 19_)2.2 D, 71HPDiesel2260ccSaloon11/1982-08/1986
OPEL REKORD E Estate (61_, 66_, 67_)2.2 D, 65HPDiesel2260ccEstate08/1978-08/1983
OPEL REKORD E Estate (61_, 66_, 67_)2.3 D, 71HPDiesel2260ccEstate11/1982-08/1986
OPEL REKORD E Estate (61_, 66_, 67_)2.2 TD, 86HPDiesel2260ccEstate06/1984-08/1986
OPEL VECTRA A Hatchback (J89)1.7 D (F68, M68), 60HPDiesel1699ccHatchback07/1992-11/1995
OPEL VECTRA A (J89)1.7 D (F19, M19), 60HPDiesel1699ccSaloon07/1992-11/1995
PEUGEOT 205   (741A/C)1.7 Diesel, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback08/1983-10/1987
PEUGEOT 205 Mk II (20A/C)1.7 Diesel, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback07/1987-09/1998
PEUGEOT 205 Mk II (20A/C)1.8 TD, 78HPDiesel1769ccHatchback01/1990-09/1998
PEUGEOT 205 Mk II (20A/C)1.8 XDT, 79HPDiesel1769ccHatchback08/1990-05/1997
PEUGEOT 205 Mk II (20A/C)1.9 Diesel, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback10/1987-09/1998
PEUGEOT 205 Hatchback Van1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback Van02/1983-07/1990
PEUGEOT 205 Van1.7 Diesel, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback Van03/1994-05/1997
PEUGEOT 305   (581A)1.5 Diesel, 49HPDiesel1548ccSaloon11/1977-09/1982
PEUGEOT 305   Break (581D)1.5 Diesel, 49HPDiesel1548ccEstate08/1980-09/1982
PEUGEOT 305 Mk II (581M)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccSaloon10/1982-07/1988
PEUGEOT 305 Mk II (581M)1.9 D, 65HPDiesel1905ccSaloon10/1982-07/1988
PEUGEOT 305 Mk II (581M)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccSaloon11/1982-12/1988
PEUGEOT 305 Mk II Break (581E)1.9 Diesel, 64HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1982-12/1988
PEUGEOT 305 Mk II Break (581E)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccEstate11/1982-12/1988
PEUGEOT 305 Mk II Break (581E)1.9 Diesel, 65HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1982-12/1988
PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.8 D, 58HPDiesel1769ccHatchback05/1993-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback05/1993-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccHatchback06/1994-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccHatchback04/1993-05/1999
PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.9 DT, 90HPDiesel1905ccHatchback05/1993-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)1.9 D, 92HPDiesel1905ccHatchback01/1993-12/1997
PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5)1.9 SLD, 64HPDiesel1905ccSaloon06/1994-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5)1.9 SLD, 68HPDiesel1905ccSaloon06/1994-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5)1.9 STD, 69HPDiesel1905ccSaloon02/1994-10/1995
PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5)1.9 SRDT, 90HPDiesel1905ccSaloon06/1994-05/2001
PEUGEOT 306 (7B, N3, N5)1.9 D, 92HPDiesel1905ccSaloon02/1994-12/1997
PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccEstate03/1997-04/2002
PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccEstate05/1997-05/1999
PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccEstate02/1997-04/2002
PEUGEOT 306 Estate Van (N_, 7_)1.9 STD, 69HPDiesel1905ccEstate Van02/1994-05/1999
PEUGEOT 306 Estate Van (N_, 7_)1.9 D, 92HPDiesel1905ccEstate Van02/1994-04/1999
PEUGEOT 309   (10C, 10A)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback06/1986-07/1989
PEUGEOT 309 Mk II (3C, 3A)1.8 Diesel, 60HPDiesel1769ccHatchback07/1989-12/1993
PEUGEOT 309 Mk II (3C, 3A)1.8 TD, 78HPDiesel1769ccHatchback08/1989-12/1993
PEUGEOT 309 Mk II (3C, 3A)1.9 Diesel, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback07/1989-12/1993
PEUGEOT 405   (15B)1.8 Turbo Diesel, 90HPDiesel1769ccSaloon03/1988-12/1992
PEUGEOT 405   (15B)1.9 Diesel, 64HPDiesel1905ccSaloon07/1988-09/1992
PEUGEOT 405   (15B)1.9 Diesel, 69HPDiesel1905ccSaloon03/1988-12/1992
PEUGEOT 405   Estate (15E)1.8 TD, 90HPDiesel1769ccEstate10/1988-08/1992
PEUGEOT 405   Estate (15E)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1988-08/1992
PEUGEOT 405   Estate (15E)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1988-08/1992
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II (4B)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccSaloon08/1992-10/1995
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II (4B)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccSaloon08/1992-08/1994
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II (4B)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccSaloon08/1992-10/1995
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II (4B)1.9 TD, 94HPDiesel1905ccSaloon08/1992-05/1997
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II Estate (4E)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1905ccEstate08/1992-10/1996
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II Estate (4E)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccEstate06/1994-10/1996
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II Estate (4E)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccEstate09/1993-12/1995
PEUGEOT 405 Mk II Estate (4E)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccEstate08/1992-10/1996
PEUGEOT 406 (8B)1.9 D, 75HPDiesel1905ccSaloon10/1996-05/2004
PEUGEOT 406 (8B)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccSaloon01/1996-05/2004
PEUGEOT 406 (8B)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccSaloon01/1996-05/2004
PEUGEOT 406 (8B)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccSaloon01/1996-05/2004
PEUGEOT 406 Estate (8E/F)1.9 D, 75HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1996-10/2004
PEUGEOT 406 Estate (8E/F)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccEstate10/1996-10/2004
PEUGEOT 406 Estate (8E/F)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccEstate10/1996-10/2004
PEUGEOT 504 (A_, M_)1.9 D (M20), 54HPDiesel1948ccSaloon03/1973-07/1986
PEUGEOT 504 (A_, M_)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2112ccSaloon09/1979-08/1982
PEUGEOT 504 (A_, M_)2.1 D (A20, M20), 65HPDiesel2112ccSaloon02/1971-07/1986
PEUGEOT 504 (A_, M_)2.3 D (A40, A45), 69HPDiesel2304ccSaloon07/1975-12/1983
PEUGEOT 504 Break (D_, F_)2.1 D (E20, F20), 65HPDiesel2112ccEstate04/1971-07/1986
PEUGEOT 504 Break (D_, F_)2.3 D (D40, F40), 69HPDiesel2304ccEstate07/1975-07/1986
PEUGEOT 504 Pickup (E_)1.9 D, 54HPDiesel1948ccPickup01/1980-12/1989
PEUGEOT 504 Pickup (E_)2.3 D, 69HPDiesel2304ccPickup01/1980-12/1989
PEUGEOT 505 (551A)2.3 Turbo Diesel, 80HPDiesel2304ccSaloon09/1980-06/1986
PEUGEOT 505 (551A)2.5 Diesel, 69HPDiesel2498ccSaloon10/1981-11/1990
PEUGEOT 505 (551A)2.5 Diesel, 75HPDiesel2498ccSaloon06/1981-12/1993
PEUGEOT 505 (551A)2.5 Turbo Diesel, 90HPDiesel2498ccSaloon10/1983-12/1993
PEUGEOT 505 (551A)2.5 Turbo Diesel, 95HPDiesel2498ccSaloon10/1983-12/1990
PEUGEOT 505 (551A)2.5 Turbo Diesel, 105HPDiesel2498ccSaloon10/1986-12/1993
PEUGEOT 505 Break (551D)2.3 Diesel, 80HPDiesel2304ccEstate04/1982-06/1986
PEUGEOT 505 Break (551D)2.5 Diesel, 70HPDiesel2498ccEstate01/1986-12/1993
PEUGEOT 505 Break (551D)2.5 Diesel, 75HPDiesel2498ccEstate08/1983-12/1993
PEUGEOT 505 Break (551D)2.5 Turbo Diesel, 90HPDiesel2498ccEstate10/1985-11/1987
PEUGEOT 505 Break (551D)2.5 D, 95HPDiesel2498ccEstate10/1985-08/1991
PEUGEOT 505 Break (551D)2.5 Turbo Diesel, 105HPDiesel2498ccEstate10/1986-12/1993
PEUGEOT J9 Platform/Chassis2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccPlatform/Chassis03/1980-07/1982
PEUGEOT J9 Platform/Chassis2.5 D, 72HPDiesel2497ccPlatform/Chassis07/1982-06/1987
PEUGEOT 604 (561A_)2.3 TD, 80HPDiesel2304ccSaloon09/1979-05/1983
PEUGEOT 604 (561A_)2.5 TD, 90HPDiesel2498ccSaloon08/1983-12/1986
PEUGEOT 605 (6B)2.1 Turbo Diesel, 109HPDiesel2088ccSaloon06/1989-09/1999
PEUGEOT 605 (6B)2.1 TD 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccSaloon08/1994-09/1999
PEUGEOT 605 (6B)2.1 D, 82HPDiesel2138ccSaloon06/1989-07/1995
PEUGEOT 605 (6B)2.5 Turbo Diesel, 129HPDiesel2446ccSaloon07/1994-09/1999
PEUGEOT 806 (221)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccMPV07/1995-08/2002
PEUGEOT 806 (221)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccMPV05/1997-08/2002
PEUGEOT 806 (221)2.1 td 12V, 109HPDiesel2088ccMPV06/1996-08/1999
PEUGEOT EXPERT (224_)1.9 D, 70HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1996-12/1998
PEUGEOT EXPERT (224_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1996-09/2000
PEUGEOT EXPERT (224_)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus02/1996-05/1998
PEUGEOT EXPERT Van (222)1.9 D, 70HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1996-12/1998
PEUGEOT EXPERT Van (222)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1996-09/2000
PEUGEOT EXPERT Van (222)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccVan02/1996-05/1998
PEUGEOT EXPERT Platform/Chassis (223)1.9 D, 70HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis02/1996-12/1998
PEUGEOT EXPERT Platform/Chassis (223)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis02/1996-09/2000
PEUGEOT EXPERT Platform/Chassis (223)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis02/1996-05/1998
PEUGEOT PARTNER MPV (5_, G_)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccMPV06/1996-12/2002
PEUGEOT PARTNER MPV (5_, G_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccMPV05/1996-12/1998
PEUGEOT PARTNER Van (5_, G_)1.8 D, 58HPDiesel1769ccBox Body/MPV06/1996-12/2002
PEUGEOT PARTNER Van (5_, G_)1.8 D, 60HPDiesel1769ccBox Body/MPV11/1996-02/1998
PEUGEOT PARTNER Van (5_, G_)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccBox Body/MPV06/1996-12/1998
PEUGEOT PARTNER Van (5_, G_)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccBox Body/MPV06/1996-12/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccBus03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccBus08/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)1.9 TD 4x4, 92HPDiesel1905ccBus07/1996-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)2.5 D, 86HPDiesel2446ccBus08/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)2.5 D 4x4, 86HPDiesel2446ccBus07/1996-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)2.5 TD, 103HPDiesel2446ccBus07/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Bus (230P)2.5 TD 4x4, 103HPDiesel2446ccBus07/1996-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)1.9 D, 68HPDiesel1905ccVan07/1999-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan07/1999-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccVan03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)1.9 DT 4x4, 90HPDiesel1905ccVan03/1996-09/1998
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)2.5 D, 86HPDiesel2446ccVan03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)2.5 D 4x4, 86HPDiesel2446ccVan07/1999-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Van (230L)2.5 TD, 103HPDiesel2446ccVan03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)1.9 TD, 90HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis06/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)1.9 TD, 92HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis07/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 D, 86HPDiesel2446ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 D 4x4, 86HPDiesel2446ccPlatform/Chassis07/1999-04/2002
PEUGEOT BOXER Platform/Chassis (ZCT_)2.5 TD, 103HPDiesel2446ccPlatform/Chassis03/1994-04/2002
PEUGEOT J5 Bus (280P)2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2498ccBus09/1981-09/1990
PEUGEOT J5 Van (280L)1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan09/1987-08/1990
PEUGEOT J5 Van (280L)2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2498ccVan09/1981-08/1990
PEUGEOT J5 Van (280L)2.5 DT, 95HPDiesel2498ccVan09/1981-08/1990
PEUGEOT J5 Platform/Chassis (280L)2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis09/1981-09/1990
PEUGEOT J5 Bus (290P)1.9 D, 70HPDiesel1905ccBus10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Bus (290P)2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2500ccBus10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Bus (290P)2.5 D 4x4, 73HPDiesel2500ccBus10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Bus (290P)2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2498ccBus10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Bus (290P)2.5 TD 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccBus10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Van (290L)1.9 D, 70HPDiesel1905ccVan10/1990-03/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Van (290L)2.5 D 4x4, 73HPDiesel2500ccVan10/1990-03/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Van (290L)2.5 TD 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccVan10/1990-03/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Platform/Chassis (290L)1.9 D, 70HPDiesel1905ccPlatform/Chassis10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Platform/Chassis (290L)2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Platform/Chassis (290L)2.5 D 4x4, 73HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Platform/Chassis (290L)2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J5 Platform/Chassis (290L)2.5 TD 4x4, 95HPDiesel2500ccPlatform/Chassis10/1990-02/1994
PEUGEOT J7 Bus2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccBus07/1977-03/1980
PEUGEOT J7 Van2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccVan07/1977-03/1980
PEUGEOT J7 Platform/Chassis2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccPlatform/Chassis07/1977-03/1980
PEUGEOT J9 Bus2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccBus03/1980-07/1982
PEUGEOT J9 Bus2.5 D, 72HPDiesel2497ccBus08/1982-06/1987
PEUGEOT J9 Van2.1 D, 56HPDiesel2112ccVan03/1980-06/1987
PEUGEOT J9 Van2.3 D, 67HPDiesel2304ccVan03/1980-07/1982
PEUGEOT J9 Van2.5 D, 72HPDiesel2497ccVan07/1982-06/1987
PUCH G-MODELL (W460)300 GD (460.332, 460.333), 88HPDiesel2998ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle09/1979-12/1991
RENAULT CLIO I (B/C57_, 5/357_)1.9 D (B/C/S576, B/C/S57L), 64HPDiesel1870ccHatchback01/1991-09/1998
RENAULT ESPACE   (J11_)2.1 TD (J/S115), 88HPDiesel2068ccMPV10/1984-12/1990
RENAULT ESPACE Mk II (J/S63_)2.1 TD (J633, J634, J/S635, J/S63D), 88HPDiesel2068ccMPV01/1991-10/1996
RENAULT ESPACE Mk II (J/S63_)2.1 TD (J63E), 90HPDiesel2068ccMPV11/1994-10/1996
RENAULT FUEGO (136_)2.1 TD, 88HPDiesel2068ccCoupe08/1982-10/1985
RENAULT EXTRA Van (F40_, G40_)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1595ccBox Body/MPV09/1993-04/1995
RENAULT EXTRA Van (F40_, G40_)1.6 D (F404), 55HPDiesel1595ccBox Body/MPV03/1986-08/1998
RENAULT EXTRA Van (F40_, G40_)1.9 D (F40P, F40N, F40E), 64HPDiesel1870ccBox Body/MPV09/1991-03/1998
RENAULT SAFRANE   (B54_)2.1 dT (B546), 88HPDiesel2068ccHatchback11/1993-07/1996
RENAULT SAFRANE   (B54_)2.5 dT (B548), 113HPDiesel2499ccHatchback12/1992-07/1996
RENAULT SUPER 5 (B/C40_)1.6 D (B/C/404), 55HPDiesel1595ccHatchback08/1985-12/1996
RENAULT SUPER 5 (B/C40_)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1595ccHatchback04/1985-12/1990
RENAULT SUPER 5 Hatchback Van (S40_)1.6 D (S404), 54HPDiesel1595ccHatchback Van10/1984-12/1996
RENAULT 9 (L42_)1.6 D (L424), 55HPDiesel1595ccSaloon10/1982-12/1988
RENAULT 11 (B/C37_)1.6 D (B/C374), 55HPDiesel1595ccHatchback08/1983-12/1988
RENAULT 18 (134_)2.1 Diesel (1344), 67HPDiesel2068ccSaloon11/1981-07/1986
RENAULT 18 (134_)2.1 Diesel, 72HPDiesel2068ccSaloon11/1981-07/1986
RENAULT 18 (134_)2.1 TD, 88HPDiesel2068ccSaloon11/1981-07/1986
RENAULT 18 Variable (135_)2.1 Diesel (1354), 67HPDiesel2068ccEstate11/1980-07/1986
RENAULT 18 Variable (135_)2.1 Diesel, 72HPDiesel2068ccEstate05/1979-07/1986
RENAULT 19   (B/C53_)1.9 D (B/C534, B/C53J), 64HPDiesel1870ccHatchback09/1988-04/1992
RENAULT 19 Mk II Chamade (L53_)1.9 D (L53J), 64HPDiesel1870ccSaloon04/1992-12/1995
RENAULT 20 (127_)2.1 Diesel (1276), 64HPDiesel2068ccHatchback10/1980-12/1983
RENAULT 20 (127_)2.1 TD, 86HPDiesel2068ccHatchback01/1982-12/1983
RENAULT 21 (B48_)1.9 D (B48H, B48I), 64HPDiesel1870ccHatchback09/1989-01/1994
RENAULT 21 (B48_)2.1 D (B480), 69HPDiesel2068ccHatchback04/1992-06/1994
RENAULT 21 (B48_)2.1 D (B48V/B48O), 72HPDiesel2068ccHatchback09/1989-12/1992
RENAULT 21 (B48_)2.1 Turbo-D (B486, B488, B48V), 88HPDiesel2068ccHatchback09/1989-06/1994
RENAULT 21 (B48_)2.1 D, 68HPDiesel2068ccHatchback07/1989-05/1993
RENAULT 21 Saloon (L48_)1.9 D (L48H, L48I), 64HPDiesel1870ccSaloon08/1989-10/1993
RENAULT 21 Saloon (L48_)2.1 D (L486), 65HPDiesel2068ccSaloon03/1986-12/1989
RENAULT 21 Saloon (L48_)2.1 D (L480), 69HPDiesel2068ccSaloon10/1992-06/1994
RENAULT 21 Saloon (L48_)2.1 D (L48V, L48O), 72HPDiesel2068ccSaloon05/1989-06/1994
RENAULT 21 Saloon (L48_)2.1 Turbo-D (L48A, L48W, L487, L488), 88HPDiesel2068ccSaloon03/1986-06/1994
RENAULT 21 Savanna (K48_)1.9 D, 64HPDiesel1870ccEstate03/1986-08/1994
RENAULT 21 Savanna (K48_)2.1 D (K/S486), 65HPDiesel2068ccEstate10/1986-09/1990
RENAULT 21 Savanna (K48_)2.1 D 4x4 (K486), 65HPDiesel2068ccEstate10/1988-05/1992
RENAULT 21 Savanna (K48_)2.1 D (K480), 69HPDiesel2068ccEstate02/1992-09/1995
RENAULT 21 Savanna (K48_)2.1 D (K/S48V, K/S48O), 72HPDiesel2068ccEstate08/1989-12/1992
RENAULT 21 Savanna (K48_)2.1 Turbo-D (K48A, K48W, K487, K488), 88HPDiesel2068ccEstate10/1986-11/1993
RENAULT 25 (B29_)2.1 Diesel (B296), 63HPDiesel2068ccHatchback04/1984-05/1989
RENAULT 25 (B29_)2.1 Diesel (B296), 69HPDiesel2068ccHatchback06/1989-12/1992
RENAULT 25 (B29_)2.1 Turbo-D FWD (B290, B29W), 86HPDiesel2068ccHatchback04/1984-12/1992
RENAULT 30 (127_)2.1 Turbo-D (1270), 86HPDiesel2068ccHatchback02/1982-03/1986
RENAULT TRAFIC Bus (T5, T6, T7)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2068ccBus03/1980-04/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Van (T1, T3, T4, T2)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2068ccVan09/1980-04/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Van (T1, T3, T4, T2)2.1 D 4x4, 58HPDiesel2068ccVan11/1986-04/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (P6)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis03/1980-04/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (P6)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis07/1980-04/1985
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (P6)2.1 D 4x4, 58HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis05/1985-02/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (P6)2.1 D, 60HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis05/1985-02/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (P6)2.5 D, 69HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis03/1980-04/1989
RENAULT TRAFIC Bus (TXW)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2068ccBus05/1989-06/1994
RENAULT TRAFIC Bus (TXW)2.1 D, 64HPDiesel2068ccBus06/1994-10/1997
RENAULT TRAFIC Bus (TXW)2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccBus05/1989-03/2001
RENAULT TRAFIC Van (TXX)2.1 D, 58HPDiesel2068ccVan05/1989-06/1994
RENAULT TRAFIC Van (TXX)2.1 D, 64HPDiesel2068ccVan06/1994-10/1997
RENAULT TRAFIC Van (TXX)2.5 D 4x4, 75HPDiesel2499ccVan05/1989-03/2001
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (PXX)2.1 D RWD, 58HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis05/1989-06/1994
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (PXX)2.1 D RWD, 64HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis06/1994-10/1997
RENAULT TRAFIC Platform/Chassis (PXX)2.1 D, 64HPDiesel2068ccPlatform/Chassis09/1994-04/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Bus (T__)28-35 2.1 D, 60HPDiesel2068ccBus08/1980-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Bus (T__)28-35 2.4 D, 71HPDiesel2445ccBus08/1980-08/1989
RENAULT MASTER I Bus (T__)28-35 2.5 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccBus08/1989-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Bus (T__)35 2,5 TD, 94HPDiesel2499ccBus08/1989-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Bus (T__)2.4 D, 72HPDiesel2445ccBus09/1986-10/1989
RENAULT MASTER I Van (T__)28-35 2.4 D, 71HPDiesel2445ccVan08/1980-08/1989
RENAULT MASTER I Van (T__)28-35 2,5 D, 75HPDiesel2499ccVan08/1989-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Van (T__)35 2,5 TD, 94HPDiesel2499ccVan08/1989-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Van (T__)2.4 D, 71HPDiesel2445ccVan07/1983-08/1986
RENAULT MASTER I Van (T__)28-35 2,5 TD, 98HPDiesel2499ccVan08/1989-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Van (T__)2.4 D, 72HPDiesel2445ccVan09/1986-12/1992
RENAULT MASTER I Platform/Chassis (P__)28-35 2.5 D, 71HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis09/1980-07/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Platform/Chassis (P__)2.4 D, 71HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis08/1993-02/1998
RENAULT MASTER I Platform/Chassis (P__)2.5 DT, 94HPDiesel2499ccPlatform/Chassis11/1989-10/1993
RENAULT TRUCKS B Van70, 72HPDiesel2445ccVan01/1983-12/1990
RENAULT TRUCKS B Platform/Chassis70, 72HPDiesel2445ccPlatform/Chassis01/1983-12/1990
ROVER 200 II Hatchback (XW)218 TD, 88HPDiesel1769ccHatchback09/1991-10/1995
ROVER 200 II Hatchback (XW)218 D, 71HPDiesel1905ccHatchback09/1991-10/1995
ROVER 400 II (XW)418 TD, 88HPDiesel1769ccSaloon09/1991-04/1995
ROVER 400 II (XW)418 D, 67HPDiesel1905ccSaloon09/1991-04/1995
ROVER 400 Tourer (XW)1.8 TD, 88HPDiesel1769ccEstate09/1993-11/1998
ROVER 800 Hatchback (XS)825 D/SD (XS), 118HPDiesel2500ccHatchback01/1992-02/1999
ROVER 800 (XS)825 D/SD (XS), 118HPDiesel2500ccSaloon01/1990-02/1999
ROVER 800 Coupe825 SD, 118HPDiesel2500ccCoupe09/1993-02/1999
ROVER MAESTRO Hatchback2.0 D, 60HPDiesel1994ccHatchback09/1990-10/1992
ROVER MAESTRO Hatchback2.0 TD, 82HPDiesel1994ccHatchback09/1990-01/1995
ROVER MONTEGO2.0 D Turbo, 82HPDiesel1996ccSaloon10/1988-10/1995
ROVER MONTEGO Estate (XE)2.0 Turbo-D, 82HPDiesel1996ccEstate01/1993-12/1993
SEAT IBIZA   (21A)1.7 D, 54HPDiesel1714ccHatchback06/1984-05/1993
SEAT IBIZA   (21A)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1714ccHatchback08/1990-05/1993
SEAT MALAGA (23A)1.7 D, 54HPDiesel1714ccSaloon05/1985-12/1993
SEAT MALAGA (23A)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1714ccSaloon05/1990-12/1993
SEAT RONDA (22A)1.7 Diesel, 54HPDiesel1714ccHatchback06/1982-12/1986
SEAT RONDA (22A)1.7 Diesel, 56HPDiesel1714ccHatchback06/1982-12/1986
SEAT 132 (132A)2.2 D, 60HPDiesel2197ccSaloon05/1979-12/1982
SUZUKI VITARA / ESCUDO (ET, TA, TD)1.9 D All-wheel Drive (SE 419TD), 68HPDiesel1905ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle01/1995-03/1998
SUZUKI VITARA / ESCUDO (ET, TA, TD)1.9 D All-wheel Drive (SE 419TD), 75HPDiesel1905ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle08/1996-03/1998
SUZUKI VITARA Cabrio (ET, TA)1.9 D (SE 419TD), 68HPDiesel1905ccOpen Off-Road Vehicle01/1995-03/1998
SUZUKI VITARA Cabrio (ET, TA)1.9 D (SE 419TD), 75HPDiesel1905ccOpen Off-Road Vehicle08/1996-03/1999
TALBOT HORIZON1.9 Diesel, 64HPDiesel1905ccHatchback07/1984-06/1986
TALBOT HORIZON1.9 Diesel, 65HPDiesel1905ccHatchback07/1982-06/1986
TALBOT TAGORA2.3 Turbo Diesel, 80HPDiesel2288ccSaloon08/1981-12/1987
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Bus1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccBus07/1987-10/1990
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Bus2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2498ccBus07/1982-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Bus2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2498ccBus06/1987-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1800 Van1.9 D, 69HPDiesel1905ccVan07/1987-10/1990
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1800 Van2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2498ccVan07/1982-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1800 Van2.5 D All-wheel Drive, 73HPDiesel2498ccVan11/1988-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1800 Van2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2498ccVan06/1987-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1800 Van2.5 TD All-wheel Drive, 95HPDiesel2498ccVan11/1988-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Platform/Chassis2.5 D, 73HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis07/1982-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Platform/Chassis2.5 D All-wheel Drive, 73HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis11/1988-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Platform/Chassis2.5 TD, 95HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis06/1987-10/1994
TALBOT EXPRESS 1000 -1500 Platform/Chassis2.5 TD All-wheel Drive, 95HPDiesel2498ccPlatform/Chassis11/1988-10/1994
VAUXHALL ASTRA Hatchback1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccHatchback03/1982-08/1986
VAUXHALL ASTRA Estate1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccEstate02/1982-08/1986
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk II Hatchback (T85)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccHatchback09/1984-12/1989
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk II Hatchback (T85)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback09/1988-08/1991
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk II Belmont (T85)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccSaloon09/1985-08/1991
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk II Belmont (T85)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon01/1989-12/1991
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk II Estate (T85)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccEstate09/1984-12/1989
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk II Estate (T85)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate02/1989-08/1991
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Saloon (T92)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon03/1992-09/1992
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Saloon (T92)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1699ccSaloon07/1992-09/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Saloon (T92)1.7 TD, 68HPDiesel1700ccSaloon08/1994-09/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback (T92)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback12/1991-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback (T92)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1699ccHatchback09/1991-12/1994
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Hatchback (T92)1.7 TD, 68HPDiesel1700ccHatchback08/1994-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Estate (T92)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccEstate12/1991-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Estate (T92)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1699ccEstate03/1991-12/1994
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk III (F) Estate (T92)1.7 TD, 68HPDiesel1700ccEstate01/1994-02/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN Mk III (F) Estate Van (T92)1.7 D (F70), 60HPDiesel1699ccEstate Van10/1991-12/1994
VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN Mk III (F) Estate Van (T92)1.7 TD (F70), 68HPDiesel1700ccEstate Van09/1994-08/1998
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk IV (G) Hatchback (T98)1.7 TD (F08, F48), 68HPDiesel1700ccHatchback02/1998-08/2000
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk IV (G) Saloon (T98)1.7 TD, 68HPDiesel1700ccSaloon09/1998-08/2000
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk IV (G) Estate (T98)1.7 TD, 68HPDiesel1700ccEstate02/1998-08/2000
VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN Mk IV (G) Estate Van (T98)1.7 TD, 68HPDiesel1700ccEstate Van08/1998-08/2006
VAUXHALL ASTRAMAX (T85)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccBox Body/MPV05/1986-06/1990
VAUXHALL ASTRAMAX (T85)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccBox Body/MPV01/1989-07/1994
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk II Saloon2.3 D, 71HPDiesel2260ccSaloon05/1983-08/1986
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk II Estate2.3 D, 71HPDiesel2260ccEstate05/1983-08/1986
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk III Saloon (V87)2.3 D, 73HPDiesel2260ccSaloon09/1986-03/1994
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk III Saloon (V87)2.2 TD, 90HPDiesel2260ccSaloon10/1986-08/1988
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk III Saloon (V87)2.3 TD Interc., 100HPDiesel2260ccSaloon08/1988-03/1994
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk III Estate (V87)2.3 D, 73HPDiesel2260ccEstate09/1986-03/1994
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk III Estate (V87)2.2 TD, 90HPDiesel2260ccEstate09/1986-08/1988
VAUXHALL CARLTON Mk III Estate (V87)2.3 TD Interc., 100HPDiesel2260ccEstate09/1988-03/1994
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk II Hatchback (J82)1600D, 54HPDiesel1598ccHatchback03/1982-08/1988
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk II Saloon (J82)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccSaloon03/1982-08/1988
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk II Estate (J82)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1598ccEstate03/1982-08/1988
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Hatchback (J89)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccHatchback09/1988-09/1992
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Hatchback (J89)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1699ccHatchback07/1992-11/1995
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Saloon (J89)1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1699ccSaloon09/1988-09/1992
VAUXHALL CAVALIER Mk III Saloon (J89)1.7 D, 60HPDiesel1699ccSaloon07/1992-11/1995
VAUXHALL FRONTERA Mk I (A) (U92)2.3 TD, 100HPDiesel2260ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle09/1991-06/1998
VOLVO 340-360 (343, 345)1.6 Diesel, 54HPDiesel1596ccHatchback08/1984-07/1991
VOLVO 340-360 Saloon (344)1.6 Diesel, 54HPDiesel1596ccSaloon08/1984-07/1991

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