Adjusting Disc, valve clearance

Adjusting Disc, valve clearance
Adjusting Disc, valve clearance
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Adjusting Disc, valve clearance
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These products are designed to be used as originally intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the products are installed by a competent individual. N.B. products are usually supplied without fitting instructions.
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056 109 560
56 109 560
6 111 587
6 173 590
056 109 560
56 109 560
Adjusting Disc, valve clearance
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.3, 55HPPetrol1297ccSaloon05/1972-07/1978
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.3, 60HPPetrol1297ccSaloon05/1972-07/1978
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.5, 75HPPetrol1471ccSaloon05/1972-08/1975
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.5, 85HPPetrol1471ccSaloon05/1972-07/1976
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccSaloon09/1975-07/1978
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.6, 83HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1976-07/1978
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccSaloon09/1975-07/1978
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.6 GT, 100HPPetrol1584ccSaloon09/1973-07/1976
AUDI 80 (80, 82, B1)1.6 GTE, 110HPPetrol1588ccSaloon01/1976-07/1978
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.3, 60HPPetrol1297ccSaloon09/1978-07/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1978-07/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1978-02/1983
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.6 GLE, 110HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1978-07/1982
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccSaloon08/1978-07/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon01/1983-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.8 CC quattro (85Q), 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1984-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.8, 93HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1983-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.8 CC quattro (85Q), 93HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1985-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.8 GTE, 112HPPetrol1781ccSaloon10/1984-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.8 GTE quattro (85Q), 112HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1984-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.9 CD-5S, 115HPPetrol1921ccSaloon09/1981-07/1983
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccSaloon10/1983-09/1984
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)2.0 quattro (85Q), 115HPPetrol1994ccSaloon10/1983-09/1984
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)2.2 quattro (85Q), 136HPPetrol2144ccSaloon08/1982-07/1984
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccSaloon08/1980-08/1986
AUDI 80 (81, 85, B2)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccSaloon08/1981-05/1986
AUDI COUPE (81, 85)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccCoupe07/1980-08/1981
AUDI COUPE (81, 85)1.8, 75HPPetrol1781ccCoupe08/1981-07/1983
AUDI COUPE (81, 85)1.8 GT, 90HPPetrol1781ccCoupe09/1982-10/1988
AUDI COUPE (81, 85)1.9, 115HPPetrol1921ccCoupe08/1980-07/1983
AUDI COUPE (81, 85)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccCoupe09/1983-07/1986
AUDI COUPE (81, 85)2.1 GT, 131HPPetrol2144ccCoupe09/1982-10/1987
AUDI QUATTRO (85)2.1 Turbo, 200HPPetrol2144ccCoupe07/1980-07/1987
AUDI QUATTRO (85)2.1 20V Turbo, 306HPPetrol2144ccCoupe05/1984-07/1987
AUDI 90 (81, 85, B2)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccSaloon10/1984-03/1987
AUDI 100 (43, C2)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1976-07/1982
AUDI 100 (43, C2)1.9, 100HPPetrol1921ccSaloon08/1980-07/1982
AUDI 100 (43, C2)2.1, 115HPPetrol2144ccSaloon10/1977-07/1982
AUDI 100 (43, C2)2.1, 136HPPetrol2144ccSaloon03/1977-07/1982
AUDI 100 (43, C2)2.0 D, 70HPDiesel1986ccSaloon08/1978-07/1982
AUDI 100 Avant (43, C2)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccEstate07/1977-02/1983
AUDI 100 Avant (43, C2)1.9, 100HPPetrol1921ccEstate08/1980-07/1982
AUDI 100 Avant (43, C2)2.1, 115HPPetrol2144ccEstate07/1977-02/1983
AUDI 100 Avant (43, C2)2.1, 136HPPetrol2144ccEstate07/1977-02/1983
AUDI 100 Avant (43, C2)2.0 D, 70HPDiesel1986ccEstate08/1978-02/1983
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)1.8, 75HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1982-12/1987
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1983-07/1989
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)1.8 quattro, 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon10/1984-07/1988
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)1.9, 100HPPetrol1921ccSaloon08/1982-07/1984
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccSaloon08/1984-12/1987
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)2.1, 136HPPetrol2144ccSaloon08/1982-07/1984
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)2.0 D, 70HPDiesel1986ccSaloon08/1982-07/1988
AUDI 100 (44, 44Q, C3)2.0 D Turbo, 87HPDiesel1986ccSaloon08/1982-02/1988
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)1.8, 75HPPetrol1781ccEstate08/1982-12/1987
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccEstate08/1983-07/1989
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)1.8 quattro, 90HPPetrol1781ccEstate10/1984-07/1988
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)1.9, 100HPPetrol1921ccEstate02/1983-07/1984
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)2.0 E, 115HPPetrol1994ccEstate01/1985-12/1987
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)2.1, 136HPPetrol2144ccEstate08/1982-07/1984
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)2.0 D, 70HPDiesel1986ccEstate03/1983-11/1990
AUDI 100 Avant (44, 44Q, C3)2.0 TD, 87HPDiesel1986ccEstate03/1983-10/1987
AUDI 200 (43)2.1 5E, 136HPPetrol2144ccSaloon10/1979-09/1982
AUDI 200 (43)2.1 5T, 170HPPetrol2144ccSaloon10/1979-08/1982
AUDI 200 (44, 44Q)2.1 5E, 136HPPetrol2144ccSaloon08/1983-07/1984
AUDI 200 (44, 44Q)2.1 Turbo, 182HPPetrol2144ccSaloon08/1983-01/1988
AUDI 200 (44, 44Q)2.1 Turbo quattro, 182HPPetrol2144ccSaloon08/1983-09/1986
AUDI 200 Avant (44, 44Q)2.1 Turbo quattro, 182HPPetrol2144ccEstate09/1983-01/1988
CITROËN AX (ZA-_)14 D, 52HPDiesel1360ccHatchback09/1988-06/1992
CITROËN AX (ZA-_)15 D, 58HPDiesel1527ccHatchback08/1994-12/1997
CITROËN SAXO (S0, S1)1.5 D, 54HPDiesel1527ccHatchback09/1996-09/2003
CITROËN SAXO (S0, S1)1.5 D, 57HPDiesel1527ccHatchback09/1996-06/2001
CITROËN XSARA (N1)1.5 D, 57HPDiesel1527ccHatchback04/1997-09/2000
CITROËN XSARA Estate (N2)1.5 D, 57HPDiesel1527ccEstate10/1997-09/2000
FORD ESCORT Mk III (GAA)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccHatchback02/1984-12/1985
FORD ESCORT Mk III Turnier (AWA)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccEstate02/1984-12/1985
FORD ESCORT Mk IV (GAF, AWF, ABFT)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccHatchback01/1986-01/1989
FORD ESCORT Mk IV Turnier (AWF, AVF)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccEstate01/1986-01/1989
FORD ESCORT '81 Express (AVA)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccBox02/1984-02/1986
FORD ESCORT '86 Express (AVF)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccBox02/1986-07/1990
FORD FIESTA Mk II (FBD)1.6 D (FBD), 54HPDiesel1608ccHatchback04/1984-02/1989
FORD ORION   (AFD)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccSaloon02/1984-03/1986
FORD ORION Mk II (AFF)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1608ccSaloon12/1985-01/1989
PEUGEOT 106   (1A, 1C)1.4 D, 50HPDiesel1361ccHatchback09/1992-04/1996
PEUGEOT 106   (1A, 1C)1.5 D, 54HPDiesel1527ccHatchback06/1994-04/1996
PEUGEOT 106   (1A, 1C)1.5 D, 58HPDiesel1527ccHatchback06/1994-04/1996
PEUGEOT 106 Mk II (1A_, 1C_)1.5 D, 55HPDiesel1527ccHatchback05/1996-03/2001
PEUGEOT 106 Mk II (1A_, 1C_)1.5 D, 57HPDiesel1527ccHatchback04/1998-07/2004
PEUGEOT 106 Van II Box Body / Hatchback (1S_)1.5 D, 57HPDiesel1527ccBox Body / Hatchback06/1996-03/2001
VOLVO 240 (P242, P244)2.4 Diesel, 79HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1987-08/1993
VOLVO 240 (P242, P244)2.4 Diesel, 82HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1978-07/1985
VOLVO 240 Kombi (P245)2.4 Diesel, 82HPDiesel2383ccEstate04/1979-08/1993
VOLVO 740 (744)2.4 Diesel, 82HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1984-07/1992
VOLVO 740 (744)2.4 TD, 109HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1985-12/1990
VOLVO 740 (744)2.4 TD, 122HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1986-10/1988
VOLVO 740 Kombi (745)2.4 Diesel, 82HPDiesel2383ccEstate08/1985-07/1988
VOLVO 740 Kombi (745)2.4 Turbo-Diesel, 109HPDiesel2383ccEstate09/1985-07/1992
VOLVO 740 Kombi (745)2.4 TD Interc., 122HPDiesel2383ccEstate08/1986-07/1988
VOLVO 760 (704, 764)2.4 Turbo Diesel (704), 109HPDiesel2383ccSaloon04/1987-07/1992
VOLVO 760 (704, 764)2.4 Turbo Diesel (704), 112HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1982-07/1987
VOLVO 760 (704, 764)2.4 TD Interc. (704), 115HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1987-07/1992
VOLVO 760 (704, 764)2.4 TDiC, 122HPDiesel2383ccSaloon09/1987-08/1990
VOLVO 760 Kombi (704, 765)2.4 TD Interc. (765), 116HPDiesel2383ccEstate01/1983-07/1992
VOLVO 760 Kombi (704, 765)2.4 TDiC, 122HPDiesel2383ccEstate09/1987-08/1990
VOLVO 780 (782)2.4 D, 122HPDiesel2383ccCoupe04/1986-07/1990
VOLVO 940 (944)2.4 D, 82HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1990-12/1994
VOLVO 940 (944)2.4 Turbo Diesel, 109HPDiesel2383ccSaloon08/1990-12/1994
VOLVO 940 Kombi (945)2.4 D, 82HPDiesel2383ccEstate08/1990-07/1995
VOLVO 940 Kombi (945)2.4 Turbo Diesel, 109HPDiesel2383ccEstate08/1990-07/1994
VOLVO 960 (964)2.4 TD Interc., 115HPDiesel2383ccSaloon09/1991-07/1994
VOLVO 960 Kombi (965)2.4 Tdi, 122HPDiesel2383ccEstate09/1990-08/1993
VW CADDY   (14)1.5, 70HPPetrol1457ccPickup08/1982-07/1983
VW CADDY   (14)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccPickup01/1983-07/1992
VW CADDY   (14)1.8, 95HPPetrol1781ccPickup08/1985-07/1992
VW CADDY   (14)1.6 D, 55HPDiesel1588ccPickup08/1982-07/1992
VW GOLF   (17)1.5, 70HPPetrol1457ccHatchback08/1977-07/1983
VW GOLF   (17)1.5, 70HPPetrol1471ccHatchback04/1974-12/1975
VW GOLF   (17)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccHatchback08/1975-02/1984
VW GOLF   (17)1.6 GTI, 110HPPetrol1588ccHatchback08/1976-07/1982
VW GOLF   (17)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccHatchback01/1983-02/1984
VW GOLF   (17)1.8 GTI, 112HPPetrol1781ccHatchback08/1982-12/1983
VW GOLF   (17)1.5 D, 50HPDiesel1471ccHatchback08/1976-07/1980
VW GOLF   (17)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccHatchback08/1980-07/1983
VW GOLF   (17)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccHatchback03/1982-07/1983
VW GOLF   Cabriolet (155)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccConvertible08/1983-04/1992
VW GOLF   Cabriolet (155)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccConvertible08/1983-09/1992
VW GOLF   Cabriolet (155)1.8, 95HPPetrol1781ccConvertible08/1983-04/1993
VW GOLF   Cabriolet (155)1.8, 112HPPetrol1781ccConvertible08/1982-12/1989
VW GOLF Mk II (19E, 1G1)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccHatchback08/1983-07/1992
VW GOLF Mk II (19E, 1G1)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccHatchback08/1984-10/1991
VW GOLF Mk II (19E, 1G1)1.8 GTI, 112HPPetrol1781ccHatchback08/1983-10/1991
VW GOLF Mk II (19E, 1G1)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccHatchback08/1983-10/1991
VW GOLF Mk II (19E, 1G1)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccHatchback08/1983-10/1991
VW GOLF II Van (19E, 1G1)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccBox Body / Hatchback08/1983-07/1991
VW ILTIS (183)1.7, 75HPPetrol1714ccOpen Off-Road Vehicle03/1979-12/1988
VW JETTA   (16)1.5, 70HPPetrol1457ccSaloon08/1978-02/1984
VW JETTA   (16)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1978-02/1984
VW JETTA   (16)1.6 GLI, 110HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1978-07/1982
VW JETTA   (16)1.8, 112HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1982-02/1984
VW JETTA   (16)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccSaloon08/1980-02/1984
VW JETTA   (16)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccSaloon03/1982-02/1984
VW JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccSaloon01/1984-07/1992
VW JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon08/1984-10/1991
VW JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165)1.8, 112HPPetrol1781ccSaloon01/1984-10/1991
VW JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccSaloon01/1984-10/1991
VW JETTA Mk II (19E, 1G2, 165)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccSaloon01/1984-10/1991
VW PASSAT (32)1.3, 55HPPetrol1297ccHatchback05/1973-01/1978
VW PASSAT (32)1.3, 60HPPetrol1297ccHatchback05/1973-01/1978
VW PASSAT (32)1.5, 75HPPetrol1471ccHatchback07/1973-12/1975
VW PASSAT (32)1.5, 86HPPetrol1471ccHatchback05/1973-12/1975
VW PASSAT (32)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccHatchback05/1973-07/1977
VW PASSAT (32)1.6, 83HPPetrol1588ccHatchback09/1975-07/1980
VW PASSAT (32)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccHatchback08/1975-07/1980
VW PASSAT (32)1.6 GLi, 110HPPetrol1588ccHatchback08/1977-07/1980
VW PASSAT (32)1.5 D, 50HPDiesel1471ccHatchback08/1977-07/1980
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.3, 55HPPetrol1297ccEstate05/1973-01/1978
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.3, 60HPPetrol1297ccEstate10/1973-01/1978
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.5, 75HPPetrol1471ccEstate10/1973-08/1975
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.5, 86HPPetrol1471ccEstate10/1973-12/1975
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccEstate02/1976-07/1980
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccEstate08/1975-07/1980
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.6 i, 110HPPetrol1588ccEstate06/1978-07/1980
VW PASSAT Estate (33)1.5 D, 50HPDiesel1471ccEstate02/1977-07/1980
VW PASSAT (32B)1.3, 60HPPetrol1297ccHatchback08/1980-07/1986
VW PASSAT (32B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccHatchback08/1980-03/1988
VW PASSAT (32B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccHatchback08/1980-03/1988
VW PASSAT (32B)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccHatchback01/1981-02/1983
VW PASSAT (32B)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccHatchback01/1983-03/1988
VW PASSAT (32B)1.8, 112HPPetrol1781ccHatchback12/1983-03/1988
VW PASSAT (32B)1.9, 115HPPetrol1921ccHatchback01/1981-07/1983
VW PASSAT (32B)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccHatchback08/1983-03/1988
VW PASSAT (32B)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccHatchback08/1980-03/1988
VW PASSAT (32B)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccHatchback04/1982-03/1988
VW PASSAT Saloon (32B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccSaloon01/1985-03/1988
VW PASSAT Saloon (32B)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon01/1985-03/1988
VW PASSAT Saloon (32B)2.0, 116HPPetrol1994ccSaloon08/1984-07/1985
VW PASSAT Saloon (32B)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccSaloon01/1985-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.3, 60HPPetrol1297ccEstate08/1980-07/1986
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccEstate08/1980-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccEstate01/1981-02/1983
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccEstate08/1980-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccEstate01/1983-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.8, 112HPPetrol1781ccEstate12/1983-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.9, 115HPPetrol1921ccEstate01/1981-07/1983
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccEstate08/1983-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)2.0 Syncro, 116HPPetrol1994ccEstate05/1984-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccEstate08/1980-03/1988
VW PASSAT Estate (33B)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccEstate04/1982-03/1988
VW SANTANA (32B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1981-12/1984
VW SANTANA (32B)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccSaloon08/1981-12/1982
VW SANTANA (32B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccSaloon08/1981-12/1984
VW SANTANA (32B)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccSaloon01/1983-12/1984
VW SANTANA (32B)1.9, 115HPPetrol1921ccSaloon08/1981-07/1983
VW SANTANA (32B)2.0, 115HPPetrol1994ccSaloon08/1983-12/1984
VW SANTANA (32B)1.6 D, 54HPDiesel1588ccSaloon08/1981-12/1984
VW SANTANA (32B)1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1588ccSaloon12/1981-12/1984
VW SCIROCCO (53)1.5, 70HPPetrol1457ccCoupe08/1977-07/1980
VW SCIROCCO (53)1.5, 70HPPetrol1471ccCoupe02/1974-12/1975
VW SCIROCCO (53)1.6, 75HPPetrol1588ccCoupe08/1975-07/1979
VW SCIROCCO (53)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccCoupe08/1975-07/1980
VW SCIROCCO (53)1.6, 110HPPetrol1588ccCoupe06/1976-07/1980
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.5, 70HPPetrol1457ccCoupe08/1980-12/1983
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.6, 75HPPetrol1595ccCoupe01/1983-12/1989
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.6, 85HPPetrol1588ccCoupe08/1980-04/1984
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.6, 110HPPetrol1588ccCoupe08/1980-07/1982
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.8, 90HPPetrol1781ccCoupe08/1983-07/1992
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.8, 95HPPetrol1781ccCoupe11/1985-07/1992
VW SCIROCCO (53B)1.8, 112HPPetrol1781ccCoupe08/1982-12/1989
VW LT28-50   Bus (281-363)2.4, 90HPPetrol2383ccBus12/1982-07/1992
VW LT28-50   Bus (281-363)2.4 D, 75HPDiesel2383ccBus01/1979-07/1992
VW LT28-50   Bus (281-363)2.4 TD, 102HPDiesel2383ccBus12/1982-07/1989
VW LT28-50   Box (281-363)2.4, 90HPPetrol2383ccBox12/1982-07/1992
VW LT28-50   Box (281-363)2.4 D, 75HPDiesel2383ccBox01/1979-07/1992
VW LT28-50   Box (281-363)2.4 TD, 102HPDiesel2383ccBox02/1986-08/1992
VW LT28-50   Platform/Chassis (281-363)2.4, 90HPPetrol2383ccPlatform/Chassis12/1982-07/1992
VW LT28-50   Platform/Chassis (281-363)2.4 D, 75HPDiesel2383ccPlatform/Chassis12/1978-02/1991
VW LT28-50   Platform/Chassis (281-363)2.4 TD, 102HPDiesel2383ccPlatform/Chassis12/1982-09/1993
VW LT 40-55 I Box (291-512)2.4 4WD, 90HPPetrol2383ccBox12/1982-07/1992
VW LT 40-55 I Box (291-512)2.4 D 4WD, 75HPDiesel2383ccBox01/1979-03/1986
VW LT 40-55 I Box (291-512)2.4 TD, 102HPDiesel2383ccBox02/1986-08/1992
VW LT 40-55 I Platform/Chassis (293-909)2.4, 90HPPetrol2383ccPlatform/Chassis08/1985-07/1989
VW LT 40-55 I Platform/Chassis (293-909)2.4 Syncro, 90HPPetrol2383ccPlatform/Chassis12/1982-07/1989
VW LT 40-55 I Platform/Chassis (293-909)2.4 D, 75HPDiesel2383ccPlatform/Chassis12/1978-02/1991
VW LT 40-55 I Platform/Chassis (293-909)2.4 TD, 102HPDiesel2383ccPlatform/Chassis12/1982-09/1993
VW TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE Mk III Bus1.6 D, 50HPDiesel1588ccBus01/1981-07/1987
VW TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE Mk III Bus1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1589ccBus08/1984-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE Mk III Bus1.6 TD Syncro, 70HPDiesel1589ccBus03/1986-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE Mk III Bus1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1716ccBus10/1986-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Box1.6 D, 50HPDiesel1588ccBox01/1981-07/1987
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Box1.6 TD, 69HPDiesel1589ccBox10/1984-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Box1.6 TD Syncro, 69HPDiesel1589ccBox03/1986-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Box1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1715ccBox08/1984-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Platform/Chassis1.6 D, 50HPDiesel1588ccPlatform/Chassis01/1981-07/1987
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Platform/Chassis1.6 TD, 70HPDiesel1589ccPlatform/Chassis10/1984-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Platform/Chassis1.6 TD Syncro, 69HPDiesel1589ccPlatform/Chassis03/1986-07/1992
VW TRANSPORTER Mk III Platform/Chassis1.7 D, 57HPDiesel1716ccPlatform/Chassis07/1989-07/1992

We provide FREE delivery on all UK Mainland orders over £50!

After that, we have variety of options for our customers. These include:


 Delivery Method 

 Delivery Time 


 UK Mainland Express Tracked

 Next Day


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 Royal Mail 1st Class (Economy)

 1-2 Working Days

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 International Non Europe With UPS

 3-5 Working Days

 From £27.66


Please note: For UK orders, we will automatically select the best economical delivery option for you based on item weight and applicable postage charge will be applied automatically.


You can return an incorrectly ordered or no longer wanted part within 30 days of purchase, if you should want to return a part to us please contact us before hand and we will advise you on the best way to do this. By instructing us before a return we will make notes on your account ensuring a speedy turn around with either a replacement part or refund.

If you want further information, please read our full Delivery and Returns information.