Dayco Drive Belt

Dayco Drive Belt
Dayco Drive Belt Dayco Drive Belt Dayco Drive Belt Dayco Drive Belt
Dayco Drive Belt
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Other Manufacturer References
FB 5PK1125


  • Manufactured By General Motors.
  • For Vauxhall Movano A (1999-2010) 19DTI - F9Q-772, F9Q-774 Engines
  • For Vauxhall Vivaro A (2001-2014) 19DT - F9Q-760, F9Q-762, 20P - F4R-720, F4R-820 Engines
  • Additional info. Except Air Conditioning
  • Genuine Vauxhall Part.
  • Part Numbers: 93198634, 4449461
  • All Parts Are Covered By A 12 Month Guarantee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindly Be Aware that This Part May Fit Some Other Vehicles Make/Models/Engine Types, Please Refer To Compatibility For Further Information As Variants Are Common In Vehicles And Compatibility Is For Guidance Purpose Only. If You Are Not Sure Contact Us And We Will Happily Check That For You.

AUDI A5 (8T3)S5 quattro, 354HPPetrol4163ccCoupe06/2007-03/2012
BMW 3 (E36)M3 3.0, 286HPPetrol2990ccSaloon10/1994-07/1995
BMW 3 (E36)M3 3.2, 321HPPetrol3201ccSaloon10/1995-01/1998
BMW 3 Coupe (E36)M3 3.0, 286HPPetrol2990ccCoupe11/1992-07/1995
BMW 3 Coupe (E36)M3 3.0, 295HPPetrol2990ccCoupe09/1993-05/1995
BMW 3 Coupe (E36)M3 3.2, 321HPPetrol3201ccCoupe10/1995-11/1998
BMW 3 Convertible (E36)M3 3.0, 286HPPetrol2990ccConvertible04/1994-07/1995
BMW 3 Convertible (E36)M3 3.2, 321HPPetrol3201ccConvertible03/1996-09/1999
BMW Z3 Roadster (E36)M 3.2, 321HPPetrol3201ccConvertible01/1997-06/2000
BMW Z3 Coupe (E36)M, 321HPPetrol3201ccCoupe02/1998-06/2001
CITROËN XM (Y3)2.0 i, 107HPPetrol1998ccHatchback05/1989-04/1994
CITROËN XM (Y3)2.0, 114HPPetrol1998ccHatchback05/1989-04/1994
CITROËN XM (Y3)2.0 i, 121HPPetrol1998ccHatchback05/1989-06/1994
CITROËN XM (Y3)2.0, 128HPPetrol1998ccHatchback05/1989-06/1994
CITROËN XM Estate (Y3)2.0 i (Y3A), 107HPPetrol1998ccEstate11/1991-04/1994
CITROËN XM Estate (Y3)2.0 i, 121HPPetrol1998ccEstate11/1991-04/1994
CITROËN XM Estate (Y3)2.0, 128HPPetrol1998ccEstate05/1989-06/1994
LADA 110 (2110)1.5, 73HPPetrol1499ccSaloon01/1995-12/2005
LADA 110 (2110)1.5, 76HPPetrol1499ccSaloon10/2000-12/2005
LADA 110 (2110)1.5, 78HPPetrol1499ccSaloon01/1995-12/2005
LADA 111 (2111)1.5, 78HPPetrol1499ccEstate01/1996-12/2005
LADA 112 (2112)1.5, 78HPPetrol1499ccHatchback01/1995-09/2004
LADA KALINA Hatchback (1119)1.6, 82HPPetrol1597ccHatchback10/2004-12/2013
LADA KALINA Hatchback (1119)1.6, 90HPPetrol1597ccHatchback10/2004-12/2013
LADA KALINA Saloon (1118)1.6, 82HPPetrol1597ccSaloon10/2004-12/2013
LADA KALINA Saloon (1118)1.6, 90HPPetrol1597ccSaloon10/2004-12/2013
LADA KALINA Estate (1117)1.6, 82HPPetrol1597ccEstate10/2007-12/2013
MITSUBISHI CARISMA (DA_)1.9 DI-D (DA5A), 102HPDiesel1870ccHatchback09/2000-06/2006
MITSUBISHI CARISMA (DA_)1.9 DI-D, 115HPDiesel1870ccHatchback09/2000-06/2006
MITSUBISHI CARISMA Saloon (DA_)1.9 DI-D (DA5A), 102HPDiesel1870ccSaloon09/2000-06/2006
MITSUBISHI CARISMA Saloon (DA_)1.9 DI-D, 115HPDiesel1870ccSaloon09/2000-06/2006
MITSUBISHI COLT Mk III (C5_A)1.8 GTi 16V Cat (C58A), 136HPPetrol1836ccHatchback06/1990-05/1992
MITSUBISHI COLT Mk IV (CA_A)1.6 (CA4A), 90HPPetrol1597ccHatchback02/1994-04/1996
MITSUBISHI COLT Mk IV (CA_A)1.6 GLXi 16V (CA4A), 113HPPetrol1597ccHatchback04/1992-04/1996
MITSUBISHI COLT Mk IV (CA_A)1.8 GTi 16V (CA5A), 140HPPetrol1834ccHatchback04/1992-04/1996
MITSUBISHI LANCER Mk IV Hatchback (C6_A, C7_A)1.6 16V (C76A, C66A), 113HPPetrol1597ccHatchback06/1992-05/1994
MITSUBISHI LANCER Mk IV Hatchback (C6_A, C7_A)1.8 GTi 16V (C69A), 140HPPetrol1834ccHatchback06/1992-12/1993
MITSUBISHI LANCER Mk V (CB_A, CD_A, CE_A)1.6 (CB4A), 90HPPetrol1597ccSaloon02/1994-12/1996
MITSUBISHI LANCER Mk V (CB_A, CD_A, CE_A)1.6 16V (CB4A), 113HPPetrol1597ccSaloon06/1992-12/1996
MITSUBISHI LANCER Mk V Station Wagon (CB_W, CD_W)1.6 16V (CB4W), 113HPPetrol1597ccEstate12/1992-10/2003
MITSUBISHI LANCER Mk V Station Wagon (CB_W, CD_W)1.6 16V 4WD (CD4W), 113HPPetrol1597ccEstate12/1992-10/2003
MITSUBISHI PAJERO/SHOGUN Mk II (V3_W, V2_W, V4_W)3.0 V6 24V (V43W, V23W), 181HPPetrol2972ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle06/1994-05/1997
MITSUBISHI PAJERO/SHOGUN   Canvas Top (V2_W, V4_W)3.0 V6 24V (V23W, V23C), 181HPPetrol2972ccOpen Off-Road Vehicle06/1994-04/2000
MITSUBISHI SPACE STAR MPV (DG_A)1.9 DI-D (DG4A), 102HPDiesel1870ccMPV02/2001-12/2004
MITSUBISHI SPACE STAR MPV (DG_A)1.9 DI-D, 115HPDiesel1870ccMPV10/2002-12/2004
NISSAN INTERSTAR Bus (X70)dCi 80, 82HPDiesel1870ccBus04/2002-08/2006
NISSAN INTERSTAR Van (X70)dCi 80, 82HPDiesel1870ccVan04/2002-08/2006
NISSAN PRIMASTAR Van (X83)2.0, 120HPPetrol1998ccBus03/2001-08/2006
NISSAN PRIMASTAR Van (X83)dCi 80, 80HPDiesel1870ccBus03/2001-
NISSAN PRIMASTAR Van (X83)dCi 100, 101HPDiesel1870ccBus03/2001-
NISSAN PRIMASTAR Van (X83)2.0, 120HPPetrol1998ccVan02/2003-
NISSAN PRIMASTAR Van (X83)1.9 dCi 80, 82HPDiesel1870ccVan09/2002-
NISSAN PRIMASTAR Van (X83)1.9 dCi 100, 100HPDiesel1870ccVan09/2002-
OPEL MOVANO Bus (X70)1.9 DTI (JD), 82HPDiesel1870ccBus10/2001-
OPEL MOVANO Van (X70)1.9 DTI (FD), 82HPDiesel1870ccVan10/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Bus (X83)2.0 ECOTEC (F7, A07, J7), 117HPPetrol1998ccBus08/2006-
OPEL VIVARO A Bus (X83)2.0 16V (F7, J7, A07), 120HPPetrol1998ccBus08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Bus (X83)1.9 DI (F7, J7, A07), 80HPDiesel1870ccBus08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Bus (X83)1.9 DTI (F7, J7, A07), 101HPDiesel1870ccBus08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Van (X83)2.0 ECOTEC (F7), 117HPPetrol1998ccVan08/2006-
OPEL VIVARO A Van (X83)2.0 16V (F7), 120HPPetrol1998ccVan08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Van (X83)1.9 DI (F7), 80HPDiesel1870ccVan08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Van (X83)1.9 DTI (F7), 101HPDiesel1870ccVan08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)2.0 ECOTEC, 117HPPetrol1998ccPlatform/Chassis08/2006-
OPEL VIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)2.0 16V, 120HPPetrol1998ccPlatform/Chassis08/2003-
OPEL VIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)1.9 Di, 82HPDiesel1870ccPlatform/Chassis08/2001-
OPEL VIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)1.9 DTI, 101HPDiesel1870ccPlatform/Chassis08/2006-
PEUGEOT 605 (6B)2.0, 107HPPetrol1998ccSaloon02/1990-09/1999
PEUGEOT 605 (6B)2.0, 121HPPetrol1998ccSaloon06/1989-09/1999
RENAULT ESPACE Mk III (JE0_)2.0, 139HPPetrol1998ccMPV09/2001-10/2002
RENAULT ESPACE Mk III (JE0_)2.0 16V (JE0N, JE0L, JE02), 140HPPetrol1998ccMPV10/1998-10/2002
RENAULT LAGUNA I (B56_, 556_)1.8 16V (B563, B564), 120HPPetrol1783ccHatchback04/1998-03/2001
RENAULT LAGUNA I Estate (K56_)1.8 16V (K563, K564), 120HPPetrol1783ccEstate04/1998-03/2001
RENAULT LAGUNA II (BG0/1_)1.9 dCi (BG0R), 100HPDiesel1870ccHatchback10/2001-05/2005
RENAULT LAGUNA II (BG0/1_)1.9 dCI (BG0E), 105HPDiesel1870ccHatchback06/2001-05/2005
RENAULT LAGUNA II (BG0/1_)1.9 dCi (BG08, BG0G), 120HPDiesel1870ccHatchback03/2001-09/2007
RENAULT LAGUNA II Sport Tourer (KG0/1_)1.9 dCi (KG0E, KG0R), 100HPDiesel1870ccEstate10/2001-05/2005
RENAULT LAGUNA II Sport Tourer (KG0/1_)1.9 dCI (KG0E), 105HPDiesel1870ccEstate06/2001-05/2005
RENAULT LAGUNA II Sport Tourer (KG0/1_)1.9 dCi (KG0G), 120HPDiesel1870ccEstate03/2001-09/2007
RENAULT TRAFIC II Bus (JL)2.0 16V, 117HPPetrol1998ccBus08/2006-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Bus (JL)2.0 (JL0A), 120HPPetrol1998ccBus03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Bus (JL)1.9 dCi, 80HPDiesel1870ccBus04/2001-07/2003
RENAULT TRAFIC II Bus (JL)1.9 dCI 80 (JL0B), 82HPDiesel1870ccBus03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Bus (JL)1.9 dCI 100 (JL0C), 101HPDiesel1870ccBus03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Van (FL)2.0 16V, 117HPPetrol1998ccVan08/2006-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Van (FL)2.0 (FL0A), 120HPPetrol1998ccVan03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Van (FL)1.9 dCi, 80HPDiesel1870ccVan04/2001-07/2003
RENAULT TRAFIC II Van (FL)1.9 dCi 80 (FL0B), 82HPDiesel1870ccVan03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Van (FL)1.9 dCi 100 (FL0C), 101HPDiesel1870ccVan03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Van (FL)1.9 dCi, 102HPDiesel1870ccVan03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)2.0 16V, 117HPPetrol1998ccPlatform/Chassis08/2006-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)2.0 (EL0A), 120HPPetrol1998ccPlatform/Chassis03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)1.9 dCi 80 (EL0B), 82HPDiesel1870ccPlatform/Chassis03/2001-
RENAULT TRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)1.9 dCi 100 (EL0C), 101HPDiesel1870ccPlatform/Chassis03/2001-
RENAULT MASTER II Bus (JD)1.9 dCi 80, 82HPDiesel1870ccBus11/2001-
RENAULT MASTER II Van (FD)1.9 dCi 80, 82HPDiesel1870ccVan11/2001-
VAUXHALL MOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)1.9 DTI (JD), 82HPDiesel1870ccBus10/2001-05/2010
VAUXHALL MOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)1.9 DTI (FD), 82HPDiesel1870ccVan10/2001-05/2010
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Bus (X83)2.0 ECOTEC, 117HPPetrol1998ccBus08/2006-07/2014
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Bus (X83)2.0 16V, 120HPPetrol1998ccBus08/2001-12/2006
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Bus (X83)1.9 DI, 80HPDiesel1870ccBus08/2001-12/2006
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Bus (X83)1.9 DTI, 101HPDiesel1870ccBus08/2001-12/2006
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Van (X83)2.0 ECOTEC, 117HPPetrol1998ccVan08/2006-07/2014
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Van (X83)2.0 16V, 120HPPetrol1998ccVan08/2001-12/2006
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Van (X83)1.9 DI, 80HPDiesel1870ccVan08/2001-12/2006
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Van (X83)1.9 DTI, 101HPDiesel1870ccVan08/2001-12/2006
VAUXHALL VIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)2.0 ECOTEC, 117HPPetrol1998ccPlatform/Chassis08/2006-07/2014

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