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  1. Vauxhall Wynns Radiator Stop Leak 325ml PN55864 at Autovaux Genuine Vauxhall Suppliers

    Wynns Radiator Stop Leak 325ml

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    • Warm up the engine with heater control in HOT position.
    • Shake bottle well and add contents to the cooling system via the expansion tank if part of the system circuit (2 hoses: out and return) or directly into the radiator if a single hose overflow tank is fitted.
    • Top up the system with coolant if required.
    • Run engine for approximately 5 minutes to circulate and stop leaks.
    • Contents treat a cooling system from 5 to 12 litres.

    If the coolant is dirty, flush system with Wynn’s Radiator Flush and refill with new coolant before treatment with Radiator Stop Leak.

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Maintenance Fluids
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