Big End Bearings

Big End Bearings
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Article Information
Conrod Bearing Set
MAHLE part No.
007 PS 20486 210
Article Attributes
Oversize [mm]
Component Number
for bearing clearance from [mm]
to bearing clearance [mm]
for housing diameter from [mm]
to housing diameter [mm]
Width from [mm]
Width to [mm]
for wall thickness from [mm]
to wall thickness [mm]
for shaft diameter from [mm]
to shaft diameter [mm]
Other Manufacturer References
Big End Bearings
ALFA ROMEO 145 (930_)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S. (930.A1A), 140HPPetrol1747ccHatchback12/1996-12/1998
ALFA ROMEO 145 (930_)1.8 i.e. 16V (930.A1A), 144HPPetrol1747ccHatchback03/1998-01/2001
ALFA ROMEO 145 (930_)2.0 16V T.S. (930.A5), 150HPPetrol1970ccHatchback10/1995-01/2001
ALFA ROMEO 145 (930_)2.0 16V (930.A5), 155HPPetrol1970ccHatchback03/1998-01/2001
ALFA ROMEO 146 (930_)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S. (930.B1A), 140HPPetrol1747ccHatchback11/1996-01/2001
ALFA ROMEO 146 (930_)1.8 i.e. 16V T.S. (930.B1A), 144HPPetrol1747ccHatchback03/1998-01/2001
ALFA ROMEO 146 (930_)2.0 16V T.S. (930.B5), 150HPPetrol1970ccHatchback10/1995-01/2001
ALFA ROMEO 146 (930_)2.0 16V (930.B5), 155HPPetrol1970ccHatchback03/1997-10/2001
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (937.AXA1, 937.AXC1, 937.BXC1), 150HPPetrol1970ccHatchback01/2001-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTD (937.AXF1A, 937.BXF1A), 101HPDiesel1910ccHatchback06/2003-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTD (937.AXD1A, 937.BXD1A), 115HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2001-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTDM (937.AXD1A, 937.AXV1A, 937.BXB1A), 115HPDiesel1910ccHatchback10/2004-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTDM 8V (937.AXD1A, 937.AXU1A, 937.BXU1A), 120HPDiesel1910ccHatchback07/2005-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTD 16V (937.AXG1B, 937.BXG1B), 126HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2003-09/2004
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTD 16V (937.AXM1B, 937.AXS1B), 136HPDiesel1910ccHatchback10/2004-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTD 16V (937.AXG1B, 937.BXG1B), 140HPDiesel1910ccHatchback11/2002-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 147 (937_)1.9 JTDM 16V (937.AXN1B, 937.BXN1B), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2004-03/2010
ALFA ROMEO 155 (167_)1.7 T.S. 16V (167.A4N), 140HPPetrol1747ccSaloon05/1996-12/1997
ALFA ROMEO 155 (167_)2.0 T.S. 16V (167.A2G), 150HPPetrol1970ccSaloon03/1995-12/1997
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932.A3100), 140HPPetrol1747ccSaloon09/1997-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932.A3), 144HPPetrol1747ccSaloon09/1997-10/2000
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A21__), 150HPPetrol1970ccSaloon10/2000-03/2002
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2), 155HPPetrol1970ccSaloon09/1997-06/2002
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)2.0 JTS (932AXD00, 932AXD01), 162HPPetrol1970ccSaloon03/2001-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)2.0 JTS (932AXA), 166HPPetrol1970ccSaloon03/2002-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932.A2B00, 932.A2C00), 115HPDiesel1910ccSaloon05/2001-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932AXE00), 126HPDiesel1910ccSaloon11/2003-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932AXE00), 136HPDiesel1910ccSaloon11/2002-11/2004
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.9 JTD 16V (932AXE00), 140HPDiesel1910ccSaloon11/2002-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 (932_)1.9 JTD (932.AXN00, 932.BXE00), 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon07/2004-09/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932B31__), 140HPPetrol1747ccEstate02/1997-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.8 16V T.SPARK (932A3), 144HPPetrol1747ccEstate06/2000-02/2005
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932B21__), 150HPPetrol1970ccEstate10/2000-03/2002
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 16V T.SPARK (932A2), 155HPPetrol1970ccEstate05/2000-06/2002
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)2.0 JTS (932BXA), 166HPPetrol1970ccEstate03/2002-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932B2B, 932B2C), 115HPDiesel1910ccEstate05/2001-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932BXE00), 126HPDiesel1910ccEstate11/2003-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932BXE00), 136HPDiesel1910ccEstate11/2002-11/2004
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD 16V (932BXE00), 140HPDiesel1910ccEstate11/2002-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD (932BXE00, 932BXN00), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/2005-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 156 Sportwagon (932_)1.9 JTD 16V Q4 (932BXN20), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate07/2004-05/2006
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_)1.9 JTDM 8V (939AXE1B), 120HPDiesel1910ccSaloon09/2005-11/2011
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_)1.9 JTDM 16V (939AXF1B, 939AXC1B), 136HPDiesel1910ccSaloon09/2005-11/2011
ALFA ROMEO 159 (939_)1.9 JTDM 16V (939AXC1B, 939AXC12), 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon09/2005-11/2011
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_)1.9 JTDM 8V (939BXE1B), 120HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/2006-11/2011
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_)1.9 JTDM 16V (939BXC1B), 136HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/2006-11/2011
ALFA ROMEO 159 Sportwagon (939_)1.9 JTDM 16V (939BXC1B, 939BXC12), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/2006-11/2011
ALFA ROMEO 166 (936_)2.0 T.Spark (936A3B00), 150HPPetrol1970ccSaloon10/2000-06/2007
ALFA ROMEO 166 (936_)2.0 T.Spark (936A3A__), 155HPPetrol1970ccSaloon09/1998-10/2000
ALFA ROMEO GT (937_)1.8 TS (937CXR1A), 140HPPetrol1747ccCoupe11/2003-09/2010
ALFA ROMEO GT (937_)2.0 JTS (937CXH1A, 937CXH11), 165HPPetrol1970ccCoupe11/2003-09/2010
ALFA ROMEO GT (937_)1.9 JTD (937CXN1B), 150HPDiesel1910ccCoupe11/2003-09/2010
ALFA ROMEO GTV (916_)1.8 16V (916C3), 144HPPetrol1747ccCoupe05/1998-10/2005
ALFA ROMEO GTV (916_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916.C2__, 916C2C00), 150HPPetrol1970ccCoupe06/1995-10/2005
ALFA ROMEO GTV (916_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916C2C), 155HPPetrol1970ccCoupe09/1997-03/2003
ALFA ROMEO GTV (916_)2.0 JTS (916CXA00), 165HPPetrol1970ccCoupe04/2003-10/2005
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (916_)1.8 16V (916S3), 144HPPetrol1747ccConvertible05/1998-04/2005
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (916_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2C00), 150HPPetrol1970ccConvertible06/1995-04/2005
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (916_)2.0 T.SPARK 16V (916S2B), 155HPPetrol1970ccConvertible05/1998-08/2000
ALFA ROMEO SPIDER (916_)2.0 JTS (916SXA00), 165HPPetrol1970ccConvertible04/2003-04/2005
CADILLAC BLS1.9 D, 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon04/2006-
CADILLAC BLS Wagon1.9 D, 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate12/2007-
FIAT BARCHETTA (183_)1.8 16V, 130HPPetrol1747ccConvertible04/1995-05/2005
FIAT BRAVA (182_)1.8 GT 16V (182.BC), 113HPPetrol1747ccHatchback10/1995-08/2001
FIAT BRAVA (182_)1.9 TD 75 S (182.BF), 75HPDiesel1910ccHatchback03/1996-10/2001
FIAT BRAVA (182_)1.9 TD 100 S (182.BF), 100HPDiesel1910ccHatchback03/1996-10/2001
FIAT BRAVA (182_)1.9 JTD, 100HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2000-10/2001
FIAT BRAVA (182_)1.9 JTD 105, 105HPDiesel1910ccHatchback12/1998-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO I (182_)1.8 GT (182.AC), 113HPPetrol1747ccHatchback10/1995-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO I (182_)1.9 TD 75 S (182.AF), 75HPDiesel1910ccHatchback03/1996-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO I (182_)1.9 TD 100 S (182.AF), 100HPDiesel1910ccHatchback03/1996-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO I (182_)1.9 JTD, 100HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2000-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO I (182_)1.9 JTD 105, 105HPDiesel1910ccHatchback12/1998-10/2001
FIAT BRAVO II (198_)1.9 D Multijet (198AXE1A), 90HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2007-12/2008
FIAT BRAVO II (198_)1.9 D Multijet (198AXD1A), 116HPDiesel1910ccHatchback11/2006-12/2009
FIAT BRAVO II (198_)1.9 D Multijet (198AXB1A), 120HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2007-12/2014
FIAT BRAVO II (198_)1.9 D Multijet (198AXC1B), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2007-12/2014
FIAT COUPE (175_)1.8 16V, 131HPPetrol1747ccCoupe03/1996-08/2000
FIAT CROMA (154_)2000 i.e. (154.AM, 154.LM), 116HPPetrol1995ccHatchback10/1987-08/1996
FIAT CROMA (154_)2000 i.e. (154.AD), 120HPPetrol1995ccHatchback03/1987-09/1992
FIAT CROMA (154_)2000 16V, 137HPPetrol1995ccHatchback08/1992-08/1996
FIAT CROMA (154_)1900 Turbo D i.d., 94HPDiesel1929ccHatchback11/1992-12/1996
FIAT CROMA (194_)1.9 D Multijet, 115HPDiesel1910ccEstate06/2005-
FIAT CROMA (194_)1.9 D Multijet (194AXB1B), 120HPDiesel1910ccEstate06/2005-12/2011
FIAT CROMA (194_)1.9 D Multijet, 136HPDiesel1910ccEstate12/2005-
FIAT CROMA (194_)1.9 D Multijet (194AXC1B, 194AXC12), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate06/2005-12/2011
FIAT DOBLO MPV (119_, 223_)1.9 D (223AXB1A), 63HPDiesel1910ccMPV03/2001-
FIAT DOBLO MPV (119_, 223_)1.9 JTD (223AXE1A), 100HPDiesel1910ccMPV10/2001-
FIAT DOBLO MPV (119_, 223_)1.9 JTD, 105HPDiesel1910ccMPV07/2003-
FIAT DOBLO MPV (119_, 223_)1.9 D Multijet, 120HPDiesel1910ccMPV10/2005-
FIAT DOBLO Cargo (223_)1.9 D (223ZXB1A), 63HPDiesel1910ccBox Body/Estate03/2001-
FIAT DOBLO Cargo (223_)1.9 JTD (223ZXE1A), 100HPDiesel1910ccBox Body/Estate10/2001-
FIAT DOBLO Cargo (223_)1.9 JTD, 105HPDiesel1910ccBox Body/Estate07/2003-
FIAT DOBLO Cargo (223_)1.9 JTD Multijet, 120HPDiesel1910ccBox Body/Estate12/2006-
FIAT IDEA (350_)1.9 JTD, 101HPDiesel1910ccMPV01/2004-
FIAT MAREA (185_)1.8 115 16V, 113HPPetrol1747ccSaloon09/1996-05/2002
FIAT MAREA (185_)1.9 TD 75, 75HPDiesel1910ccSaloon09/1996-05/2002
FIAT MAREA (185_)1.9 TD 100 (185AX_), 100HPDiesel1910ccSaloon05/1996-12/2002
FIAT MAREA (185_)1.9 JTD 105 (185AXN1A), 105HPDiesel1910ccSaloon12/1998-12/2002
FIAT MAREA (185_)1.9 JTD, 107HPDiesel1910ccSaloon01/2001-12/2007
FIAT MAREA (185_)1.9 JTD 110 (185AXT1A), 110HPDiesel1910ccSaloon03/1999-02/2003
FIAT MAREA Weekend (185_)1.8 115 16V, 113HPPetrol1747ccEstate09/1996-05/2002
FIAT MAREA Weekend (185_)1.9 TD 75, 75HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/1996-05/2002
FIAT MAREA Weekend (185_)1.9 TD 100 (185BX_), 100HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/1996-06/2003
FIAT MAREA Weekend (185_)1.9 JTD 105 (185BXN1A), 105HPDiesel1910ccEstate12/1998-12/2002
FIAT MAREA Weekend (185_)1.9 JTD 110 (185BXT1A), 110HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/1999-02/2003
FIAT MULTIPLA (186_)1.9 JTD 105 (186AXB1A), 105HPDiesel1910ccMPV04/1999-06/2010
FIAT MULTIPLA (186_)1.9 JTD 110, 110HPDiesel1910ccMPV03/2001-07/2002
FIAT MULTIPLA (186_)1.9 JTD 115, 115HPDiesel1910ccMPV07/2002-06/2010
FIAT MULTIPLA (186_)1.9 JTD (186AXE1A), 120HPDiesel1910ccMPV04/2002-06/2010
FIAT PALIO Weekend (178_)1.9 D, 63HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/2001-
FIAT PALIO Weekend (178_)1.9 JTD, 80HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/2001-
FIAT PUNTO (188_)1.8 130 HGT (188.738, .718), 130HPPetrol1747ccHatchback09/1999-03/2012
FIAT PUNTO (188_)1.9 DS 60 (188.031, .051, .231, .251), 60HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/1999-03/2012
FIAT PUNTO (188_)1.9 JTD 80 (188.237, .257, .337, .357), 80HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/1999-03/2012
FIAT PUNTO (188_)1.9 JTD, 86HPDiesel1910ccHatchback10/2001-03/2012
FIAT PUNTO (188_)1.9 JTD, 101HPDiesel1910ccHatchback06/2003-03/2012
FIAT PUNTO Van (188_)1.9 D 60, 60HPDiesel1910ccBox02/2000-10/2009
FIAT PUNTO Van (188_)1.9 JTD, 86HPDiesel1910ccBox02/2000-10/2009
FIAT GRANDE PUNTO (199_)1.9 D Multijet, 116HPDiesel1910ccHatchback06/2006-12/2009
FIAT GRANDE PUNTO (199_)1.9 D Multijet, 120HPDiesel1910ccHatchback10/2005-
FIAT GRANDE PUNTO (199_)1.9 D Multijet, 130HPDiesel1910ccHatchback10/2005-
FIAT SEDICI (FY_)1.9 D Multijet, 120HPDiesel1910ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle06/2006-10/2011
FIAT SEDICI (FY_)1.9 D Multijet 4x4, 120HPDiesel1910ccClosed Off-Road Vehicle06/2006-10/2011
FIAT STILO (192_)1.8 16V (192AXC1A, 192BXC1A), 133HPPetrol1747ccHatchback10/2001-04/2007
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 JTD (192_XF1A), 80HPDiesel1910ccHatchback02/2002-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 JTD (192AXS1B, 192BXS1B), 90HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2004-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 D Multijet, 100HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2005-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 JTD (192_XE1A), 115HPDiesel1910ccHatchback10/2001-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 D Multijet, 120HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2005-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 JTD, 126HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2003-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 JTD, 140HPDiesel1910ccHatchback01/2004-11/2006
FIAT STILO (192_)1.9 D Multijet, 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2005-11/2006
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.8 16V, 133HPPetrol1747ccEstate01/2003-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 JTD, 80HPDiesel1910ccEstate01/2003-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 D Multijet, 100HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/2005-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 JTD, 115HPDiesel1910ccEstate01/2003-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 D Multijet, 120HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/2005-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 JTD, 126HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/2003-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 JTD, 140HPDiesel1910ccEstate01/2004-08/2008
FIAT STILO Multi Wagon (192_)1.9 D Multijet (192DXT1B), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/2005-08/2008
FIAT STRADA Pickup (178_)1.9 D, 63HPDiesel1910ccPickup12/2000-
FIAT STRADA Pickup (178_)1.9 JTD, 80HPDiesel1910ccPickup04/2003-
FIAT TEMPRA (159_)1.9 TD (159.AQ), 80HPDiesel1929ccSaloon07/1992-08/1996
FIAT TEMPRA S.W. (159_)1.9 TD (159.AQ), 80HPDiesel1929ccEstate03/1992-06/1993
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.9 TD (160.AW), 80HPDiesel1929ccHatchback03/1992-06/1993
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.9 TD (160.EL, 160.GL, 160.AQ, 160.EI, 160.AR), 90HPDiesel1929ccHatchback09/1990-04/1995
FIAT TIPO (160_)1.9 TD (160AR), 94HPDiesel1929ccHatchback04/1990-10/1992
FIAT UNO (146_)1.9 D, 60HPDiesel1929ccHatchback09/1989-03/1994
LANCIA DEDRA (835_)2.0 i.e. (835AI), 117HPPetrol1995ccSaloon09/1989-07/1992
LANCIA DELTA Mk II (836_)1.8 i.e. 16V GT (836AR), 131HPPetrol1747ccHatchback03/1996-08/1999
LANCIA LYBRA SW (839_)1.9 JTD, 116HPDiesel1910ccEstate05/2001-10/2005
OPEL ASTRA H (A04)1.9 CDTI (L48), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback09/2004-10/2010
OPEL ASTRA H Estate (A04)1.9 CDTI (L35), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate09/2004-10/2010
OPEL ASTRA H TwinTop (A04)1.9 CDTi (L67), 150HPDiesel1910ccConvertible09/2005-10/2010
OPEL ASTRA H Van (L70)1.9 CDTI (L70), 150HPDiesel1910ccBox09/2004-10/2010
OPEL SIGNUM Hatchback (Z03)1.9 CDTI (F48), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2004-02/2008
OPEL VECTRA C GTS (Z02)1.9 CDTI (F68), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2004-08/2008
OPEL VECTRA C (Z02)1.9 CDTI (F69), 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon04/2004-08/2008
OPEL VECTRA C Estate (Z02)1.9 CDTI (F35), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate04/2004-08/2008
OPEL ZAFIRA / ZAFIRA FAMILY B (A05)1.9 CDTI (M75), 150HPDiesel1910ccMPV07/2005-04/2015
SAAB 9-3 (YS3F, E79, D79, D75)1.9 TiD, 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon09/2004-02/2015
SAAB 9-3 Convertible (YS3F)1.9 TiD, 150HPDiesel1910ccConvertible01/2006-02/2015
SAAB 9-3 Estate (YS3F)1.9 TiD, 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate03/2005-02/2015
SAAB 9-5 (YS3E)1.9 TiD, 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon01/2006-12/2009
SAAB 9-5 Estate (YS3E)1.9 TiD, 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate01/2006-12/2009
SUZUKI SX4 (EY, GY)1.9 DDiS (RW 419D), 120HPDiesel1910ccHatchback06/2006-
SUZUKI SX4 (EY, GY)1.9 DDiS 4x4 (RW 419D), 120HPDiesel1910ccHatchback06/2006-
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk V (H) (A04)1.9 CDTI (L48), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback01/2004-05/2009
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk V (H) Sport Hatch (A04)1.9 CDTi (L08), 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback02/2005-11/2010
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk V (H) Estate (A04)1.9 CDTi (L35), 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate08/2004-03/2009
VAUXHALL ASTRA Mk V (H) TwinTop (A04)1.9 CDTi (L67), 150HPDiesel1910ccConvertible01/2006-11/2010
VAUXHALL ASTRAVAN Mk V (H) (A04)1.9 CDTi, 150HPDiesel1910ccBox03/2005-11/2011
VAUXHALL SIGNUM (Z03)1.9 CDTI 16V, 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2004-03/2008
VAUXHALL VECTRA Mk II (C) GTS (Z02)1.9 CDTI 16V, 150HPDiesel1910ccHatchback04/2004-07/2008
VAUXHALL VECTRA Mk II (C) (Z02)1.9 CDTI 16V, 150HPDiesel1910ccSaloon04/2004-08/2008
VAUXHALL VECTRA Mk II (C) Estate (Z02)1.9 CDTI 16V, 150HPDiesel1910ccEstate04/2004-05/2009
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA Mk II (B) (A05)1.9 CDTI, 150HPDiesel1910ccMPV07/2005-11/2014

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